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Turkey and Greece Tours

Turkey and Greece
Your Perfect Honeymoon Destination
Escape to the Mediterranean, the Greek Isles
and the Turkish Riviera

Façade of the Library of Celsus in Ephesus, Turkey
by Rennett Stowe, via Wikimedia Commons

Turkey and Greece, surrounding the Aegean Sea, make a perfect destination for your honeymoon or special anniversary. If you have at least 12 days to spend, you can explore the sumptuous palaces, lofty mosques and spice-fragrant bazaars of exotic Istanbul, stroll the marble streets of Ephesus, take in the breathtaking panoramas of volcanic Santorini and the blue Aegean, and stop in Athens for an unforgettable visit to the Acropolis. We at Travel in Style are specialists in connecting all these destinations for you into a special journey of wonderful memories.

The Turkish Republic, with its dramatic landscapes and disarmingly friendly people, is a land almost twice as large as California, located in the same latitudes, but washed by the warm waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Who has not dreamt of standing at the Acropolis, gazing at the Parthenon, with all of Athens bustling below? Come to Crete and Santorini for your Anniversary and Honeymoon vacation.



From Constantinople to Santorini (11 Days)
Have it all. Istanbul, Ephesus, Athens, and Santorini. What's your preferred destination around the Aegean Sea? The Classic sites beckon with the glories of empires past. Thriving bazaars exude the mystery of the Orient. Hidden coves, sun, beaches, and sails seduce you to a legendary island removed from the everyday world. Which will you choose?

Prefer a private villa and a private pool and jacuzzi for your Honeymoon or family vacation? Please click here.

Mediterranean Magic

A 12-Day tour of Greece and Turkey, Athens, Rhodes and Marmaris. If you only have a few days — but you want to enjoy Athens, a Greek Isle, and Turkey — this is the way. Starts in Athens daily: April – November.


Mediterranean Honeymoon Tour
Tour Greece & Turkey : From Constantinople to Santorini
(12 Days)
Istanbul , Cappadocia, Athens, Santorini in 12 Days. What's your preferred destination around the Aegean Sea? The Classic sites beckon with the glories of empires past. Thriving bazaars exude the mystery of the Orient. Hidden coves, sun, beaches and sails seduce you to a legendary island removed from the everyday world. Which will you choose? Fortunately, you can do it all! On this honeymoon tour of Greece and Turkey, Travel in Style weaves the great travel adventures of Greece and Turkey into a seamless classic of its own. You'll gaze in awe at the treasures of Istanbul, and venture to the cradle of classical civilization in Cappadocia.


Mediterranean Interlude Series:
Athens , Santorini , Ephesus and Istanbul
(12 days)
The Ultra Deluxe Version with Crete: Istanbul, Athens, Crete and Santorini. Add Naxos. Compare with the private villas in Greece version.

Hide Away in the Greek Isles and Istanbul (14 Days)
Athens, Santorini, Crete and Istanbul: Two weeks under the Mediterranean Sun.

Mediterranean Interlude (19 Days)
Greece, Turkey and Croatia: Athens, the Greek Isles, and Istanbul. With extended stay in Mykonos, Santorini , Zagreb , Split, Dubrovnik, Plitvice , Zadar, and Istanbul.



Honeymoon Wishes Tour: From Istanbul to Crete (17 Days)
With a private Villa stay in Crete; A 17-Day Mediterranean Vacation
from Istanbul to Athens and The Greek Isle of Crete. All tours and transfers are on a private basis with your private air-conditioned vehicle and private chauffeur.

Mediterranean Honeymoon Wishes (19 days)
A tour of Greece and Turkey covering Istanbul, Izmir, Selcuk, Ephesus, Bodrum, crossing from Turkey at Marmaris and by ferry to Rhodes in Greece and on Santorini and Crete. Private transfers, private touring, private guide.

The Grand Mediterranean Honeymoon Vacation Tour
(29 Days)
Private luxury Mediterranean tour of Italy, Greece and Turkey with a private villa stay in Crete. A Grand 29 day Mediterranean vacation from Istanbul to Athens and the Greek Isle of Crete and Italy with visits to Assisi, Florence, Perugia, Orvieto, Pompeii, Reggio Calabria, Rome, San Gimignano, Siena, Tivoli, Torgiano, Lucca, Vatican City, Venice, Verona, and Villa d'Este.


Private Cruise ship Shore excursions in Greece & Turkey
The regular cruise shore excursions are generally a good introduction to the city. Most of the seasoned cruise travelers prefer to go sightseeing with a private guide.


What other guests say about our services
Adrian and Melina

Adrian and  Melina in Athens

From: "Adrian"
Sent: Monday, September 24
To: Omar
Subject: We're Back!

We just wanted to let you know we made it back home after our weeklong detour through Italy. Athens was fantastic. The tours were very good, and short of heading out to the islands, I can't think of a single thing we would have rather done while there.

Although we had an excellent time in Athens, Egypt was by far the highlight of our entire trip, including Italy. We just can't say enough about Ahmed, Isis, Ashraf, and all our drivers. We simply could not have done the trip without their help. Ahmed was very professional, courteous, and helpful, and always went out of his way to make sure we
were where we needed to be at the right time. Our Egyptologist guides, Isis and Ashraf, were both very knowledgeable and made our visit so much better with their endless supply of information. We wore out both days long before they did. We will definitely try to come back to Egypt when we have more time to spend.

Thank you so much for arranging the trip, allowing us to customize what we needed to, and putting us in touch with such good people. And please find attached pictures of us enjoying a camel ride. :-)

Adrian & Melina

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Featured Review

What other say about our service in Greece

Omar - We had a perfect vacation in Greece! Dinner our first night at the rooftop restaurant of the Titania overlooking the Acropolis as the sun set and the lights came on!

Santorini was magical - though we enjoyed the sunsets from Fira instead of Oia. We did rent an ATV and got to Red Beach and Oia on day trips. The ferry to Crete made half the boat sick - but not us!

The Movenpick in Crete was really beautiful - a luxurious place to rest after a long week. We were upgraded to executive suites by both the Titania and the Athens airport Sofitel, you should know. They took good care of us!

We loved the Ouzo, the shopping, the sunsets, the beaches, the colors of the sea and sky, the friendly waiters, the people at the Tzekos Villas, the shop owners - we loved Greece!

We WILL return someday, especially to Santorini! And contacting you via the Internet to arrange it was the perfect way to set it up. Let us know if we owe you money - the hotels said everything was pre-paid though we charged a few things, like bottled water, to our rooms.

Thank you again, Omar, for everything! I've already referred a couple of other people to you. You do a fine job!


Jodi and Stan