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Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Turkey. Group Tour in Istanbul and Turkey

Blue Mosque Courtyard in Istanbul, Turkey
By Randam (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Turkey, with its dramatic landscapes and disarmingly friendly people, is a land almost twice as large as California. It is located in the same latitude, but washed by the warm waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. The rolling steppe land and fertile river valleys are rich with fruits and nuts, wheat and corn, and plump melons. Mountain peaks are capped by perpetual snows.

In the great cities of Turkey you see a European-style cityscape punctuated by dozens of graceful minarets and busy boulevards where taxis throng by the high-walled palaces and somber stone tombs of ancient sultans and pashas. The musty image of Turkey, left from a century ago when the sultan ruled and the Ottoman Empire encompassed all the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, are all but gone.

In its place visitors discover a modern, Western-oriented country that is familiar in many ways yet still alluringly Old World and exotic. The delights of contemporary Turkey have now been discovered by European and American vacationers.

They come for the beach side tavernas and ancient amphitheaters, the dependable sun, warm sea water, friendly people and excellent cuisine — all at very reasonable prices. It's no wonder that Turkey is among the world's top 20 tourist destinations.

We want you to get the most out of your trip to Turkey. So when we receive payment from you for any of our tours to Turkey, we would like to send you – with our compliments – your own copy of the comprehensive Lonely Planet guidebook to Turkey by Tom Brosnahan, the best-selling guide to that country.


Private Tours In Turkey :
You've decided to go on your adventure to Turkey, but you want to choose your own dates and travel style. Of course!

The tours described below are samples of what we can offer you. Feel free to change them however you wish: change the itinerary, stay longer—or less—in a destination, and add a special-interest activity to suit your dreams for a honeymoon, graduation, anniversary, birthday, family vacation or special occasion.

As for style, that's our name. Choose your comfort level, from private transfers and 5-star hotels to ultra-luxury. We know what you'll like, and how to arrange it.

Group Tours in Turkey:
On some trips, you may want the companionship of other travelers whose interests are similar to yours. You share experiences, compare notes, and make new friends, adding to the overall value of your travel experience. When you arrive in Turkey, your private car and driver will take you to your hotel, and at the end of your adventure, he'll return you to the airport for your homeward flight. In Turkey, we can arrange deluxe motorcoach tours for you with like-minded travelers so you'll have company on your adventure. Even with a high level of comfort and service, rates for our group tours are advantageous.

When we travel, we all want to meet the local people. We can even arrange tours during which you will get to know the Turks by traveling with them. We make all the arrangements, and you travel to some sites on the luxurious motorcoaches that are the backbone of Turkey's intercity transport system. Your English-speaking guide will translate and interpret for you so you can understand and get to know your fellow travelers—and they you. This kind of close-up cultural experience is our most affordable tour option.

Tours In Istanbul:
Citizens of Istanbul know that even a lifetime is not enough to see and experience all this wonderful city has to offer.
As your time is limited, it's important to use it to the optimum. Our Istanbul-only tours do just that: give you the most of Istanbul, and memories of it, in the time you have available.

Mediterranean Gulet Yachts :
Everyone dreams of the perfect getaway. We think this is it: you board your flight and within hours you're on a spacious, comfortable private yacht on the sparkling Mediterranean after a refreshing swim, as the crew pours drinks and prepares dinner.
We call it our 8-day Turquoise Coast Getaway: five days and four nights cruising Turkey's pine-fringed Mediterranean coast, stopping to explore Greek and Roman ruins or traditional fishing villages, swimming and fishing, reading, relaxing, chatting and dining. Choose your port of embarcation from among Turkey's best: Bodrum, Marmaris, Kas, Fethiye and more. Add a few days in Istanbul or another Turkish destination if you like—just ask!

Private Deluxe Tours of Istanbul , Turkey and Egypt :
For those with sufficient time, we offer a doubly-rich feast of art, culture and adventure: the delights of Turkey and the beauties and mysteries of Egypt. Visit the palaces of the sultans and the temples of the pharaohs.

Cruise the Golden Horn, the Bosphorus and the Nile. Sample the cuisines of Istanbul and Cairo. There may be no travel adventure more rich in art, architecture, history and scenes of romantic beauty than this. And when you Travel in Style, you follow in the footsteps of the noble adventurers of the past.

Turkey and Greece Tours :
Turkey and Greece are united by the Aegean Sea. It washes their shores and offers a maritime highway between them. Great peoples have sailed the Aegean for millennia, sharing their arts, cultures and cuisines.
You can do the same on our Turkey and Greece Tours, comparing and contrasting these Mediterranean neighbors, realizing that if any place has been the meeting-place of cultures, it is here: Athens, Istanbul, the Greek Islands, Ephesus, and more.

Private Aegean and Mediterranean Escapades - Port Trips - Cruise Shore Excursions and Mediterranean Luxury Day Tours :
Your cruise company may provide a memorable experience while cruising, but shore excursions may be another matter. Upgrade to our private shore excursion tours for a superior experience.
After landing formalities, you'll see your name displayed by your driver, who will escort you to your private car, introduce you to your guide, and you'll be off on an exclusive adventure, returning to your ship with stories of sights and experiences others cannot match.



Why Turkey for your honeymoon or special anniversary?

Romance! Sultans, palaces, a sumptuous culture and cuisine, and a warm welcome. Fascinating ancient-modern cities, broad sandy beaches, beautiful mountains—lots to see and do...and beautiful places to do nothing at all, if that's your preference. Turkey is the 6th most popular travel destination in the world with top-class hotels and services, and an honestly warm welcome for travelers on honeymoon ("balayi" in Turkish). Istanbul, Biblical Ephesus, and the Turkish Riviera along the Mediterranean coast are the most popular honeymoon destinations. Imagine: Aphrodisias, City of the Goddess of Love, and the Temple of Apollo at Sidé where Anthony and Cleopatra met for a romantic tryst! Travel in Style can help you plan your Turkish Delightful trip in every detail.

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Our walking tours offer a more intimate look at Istanbul. Enjoy a leisurely paced tour that offers you a fascinating behind the scenes experience at a great value. Click for more information about our Istanbul Walking Tours.

Featured Review

Dear Omar,

What a beautiful country Turkey is, as are the lovely Turkish people. Our family had a wonderful holiday seeing the incredible landscapes, the historical ruins, and enjoying a new and different culture. Our unfortunate illness was managed so well by everyone. Ahmet, the doctor and hospital staff, and especially Nermin Sumer the manager at Hotel Tuvana. She was an angel and went way above and beyond in helping us with our needs. We are a pretty much go with the flow family so we regrouped, laughed about it and moved on to the next experience.

Our itinerary was great and we loved each region's unique aspects. Highlights were horsebackriding, the Mediterranean, the hamam, the Spice Bazaar, the food, and of course our adopted Turkish family (Timir). I could go on and on.

Your logistics were flawless. All of our guides and drivers were friendly and on time. Our accommodations were outstanding. (Thanks for the goodies at each stop!!) Tamera Neufeldt must be the most well known lady in Turkey. She is great to talk to and everyone knows her. She is the perfect lead contact.

There is so much more. Feel free to call or ask any questions of us. We had a GREAT vacation.

Darrell and Shelly