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Exotic Tunisia

Your Mediterranean Honeymoon Wishes

Adventuer in the  Sahara, North African caravan

Book your exotic Tunisia tour with Travel In for the best in exalted standards for your Mediterranean honeymoon or North African adventure tour. Tunisia is Africa with a European accent.

Look at the map and you'll see that Tunis is north of the southernmost tip of Italy. The Romans made the short hop across the straits of Sicily to conquer Cartage and establish the Roman province of Africa.

O yes, galactic traveller, there is a land where fabled cities arise from the sand, where gnomes have left behind their warrens of dwellings, where sleek craft hover millimeters above the surface, free from gravitational bonds. Green oases and palm-fringed beaches promise extraterrestrial pleasures. The land is Tunisia. Combine with Egypt or Morocco.

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Tunisia Grand Tour: 8 Days
Tour the best of Tunisia - Tunis, Hammamet, Nabeul, Sousse, Monastir, El Jem, Tataouine, Djerba Island, Gabes, Matmata, Kebil, Tozeur, Kairouan, Gafsa, Skeitla, Douz, and Kebili.

Desert Safari Tour In Tunisia: 8 Days
Ride the Train in the Sahara Sands of Tunisia! This is an 8 day private tour. Arrive any day you wish. Choose your own Date.

Chartage and Matmata Oases: 9 Days
Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir, El Jem, Sfax, Djerba Island, Gabes, Matmata, Kebil, Tozeur, Mountain Oases of Chebika, Kairouan, and Gafsa.
9 days weekly.

Treasures of Tunisia: 10 days
Dougga, Thuburbo Majus, Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir, El Jem, Sfax, Djerba Island, Gabes, Matmata, Kebil, Tozeur, Mountain Oases of Chebika, Kairouan, and Gafsa. 10 days weekly.

Tour Tunisia and Morocco: 11 Days
From Dougga to Marrakech. Very popular with the "galactic traveler." Imagine "traveling the train through clear Moroccan skies."

Discover Tunisia in Two Weeks
Tunisia from Northern cities to Southern Oases. Dromedary Mehari — one night Camel Caravan camping in the Sahara in Tunisia.

Tunisia and Egypt: 14 Days
Tour the best of Egypt, Paris,Tunisia - all in 14 days weekly. Add a Nile cruise: Chartage to the Nile in 20 days.

Ksar Oule Sultane-Star War Material: 14 Days
From Dougga to Marrakech — The 14 Day KSAR Version. Very popular with the "galactic traveler."

Tour Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia: 21 Days
A true grand North African Tour, starts weekly.

Treasures of the Roman Empire in North Africa: 14 Days
We'll take you through Carthage, Dougga, Thuburbo Majus desert oases, curious troglodyte dwellings, and Matmata Oases. Experience the exhilaration of the motorized Sahara caravan and a short camping experience.

Grand African Tour – From North To South Africa (32 Days)
Tour Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia on a Grand 32 Day African Tour.

Add a Spa Treatment Package or Hamam
to your Honeymoon and Vacation in Tunisia

vacation to Tunisia , Honeymoon  on the  beach in Tunisia

Explore Tunisia

Tunisia's accents today are French dating from France's long presence in government here — and Arabic. This cosmopolitan mixture is a delight for visitors: the romance of African souks and bazaars, mosques, fortresses and casbahs, and the sophistication of French cuisine, manners and customs.

The country's small size holds a surprising variety of scenery, from sandy deserts dotted with palm-shaded oases to the urban polish of Tunis; from the island of Djerba, where the Lotus-Eaters once tempted Ulysses and his crew, to the citrus groves and flower gardens of Cap Bon.

Whether you prefer beach sports or urban shopping, desert adventure or historical exploration, the mild, friendly climate and warm Mediterranean waters of Tunisia are perfect for it. The country's small size is actually an advantage allowing you to tour easily from the bustle of Tunis to the pastoral beauty of Djerba, to the desert wastes of the Chott el-Djérid, with only a few hours' drive.

If you've ever wanted to visit Africa but didn't know how, Tunisia is a great place to start. The accent is on comfort and value when you Travel in Style!