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Mediterranean Honeymoon Wishes Tour
From Chartage to the Nile - North Africa Adventure Tour

Tour the best of Private touring in Egypt and Tunisia
All in 20 days : Want a Mediterranean vacation like the Europeans enjoy ? Go to Tunisia!


vacation to Tunisia , Honeymoon  on the  beach in Tunisia



Tour the best of Egypt & Tunisia - 20 days , weekly departures on Sundays , year round . Including a 5 day Nile Cruise, Cairo, Luxor,Aswan , Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir, El Jem, Sfax, Djerba Island, Gabes, Matmata, Kebil, Tozeur, Chott El Djerid, Kairouan, Gafsa, Skeita . Click here for the 14 day version
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DAY 1 - JFK - Sunday- Weekly - Year Round - Board Air France , British Airways , Air Maroc (or other IATA international air carrier) wide body jet at JFK International Airport , overnight across the Atlantic. Dinner is served on board. Add-on air fare available from major US cities.




Our staff greets you at Tunis/Cartage airport and escorts you to your Tunis hotel. After freshening up, take your first look at this Mediterranean capital as you like. Private transfers at all times. Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur.



local folk dance group, Tunis Egypt tour, adventure travel





We drive along the beautiful blue Mediterranean seashore to Hammamet, passing picturesque castles, stopping occasionally in local souks (bazaars) for shopping. Continuing to Sousse, once the Phoenician city of Hadrumatum, we walk through the medina (old city), cooled by breezes off the harbor, and visit the Roman catacombs and, if there's time, a local museum. We stop to explore a typical ribat (fort) before enjoying lunch at Monastir. Our next stop is El Jem, which boasts a Roman coliseum very similar to the famous one in Rome. Finally we reach Sfax, and our hotel.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur.



DAY 4 - DJERBA - GABES (cBLD) - Wednesday
We explore the old city of Sfax, then board the ferry to the island of Djerba (Jerba) for lunch. Fertile Djerba, a large island on the south side of the entrance to the Gulf of Gabes, bears many traces of Roman civilization and produces an abundance of delicious fruit. We travel to Gabes in time for shopping in the local market, and for enjoying the shade of a typical palm grove before dinner and a good night's rest.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur.



Our journey continues to Matmata where we visit troglodyte (underground) houses where descendants of the Berbers still live as their ancestors did. We continue to Kebil for lunch, then across the Chott El Djerid to see its desert Berber villages. We spend the night in a desert oasis.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur.




We explore our desert oasis before driving to Tozeur in time for lunch. In the afternoon, wander at leisure in Tozeur, our base for the night.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur.



We drive to the ancient Roman pools of Gafsa, then to Sbeita to climb around its Roman ruins. After lunch at a local restaurant, we continue to Kairouan, an Islamic holy city boasting several historic mosques and a souk famous for its carpets and leather goods. We reach Tunis in early evening .
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur.



DAY 8 - TUNIS (cBL) Sunday
The famous Bardo Museum, with the largest Roman mosaics in the world, is our first stop, followed by a visit to Tunis's medina (old city) for last-minute bargain-hunting. After a relaxing lunch in a seaside restaurant, we visit the ruins of ancient Cartage, including its theater, circus and baths. Finally, we stop in the picture-perfect medieval village of Sidi Bou Said before returning to our hotel in Tunis.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur.



(B) Monday
Full day at leisure to enjoy exploring Tunis on your own ,or do your last minute shopping.



DAY 10 - CAIRO (B) - Tuesday
Our staff escorts you to the airport for your flight to the African city of light: CAIRO . Air fare is included in our rate , in economy class , tax included. Our staff meets you, assists with entry formalities, Complimentary Egyptian visa fee (valid only for American & Japanese citizens. Passports must be valid for at least 6 month upon arrival). A visa will be issued at the airport upon arrival in Cairo.
We'll escort you to your hotel. Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur.

Visa will be issued upon arrival. As you exit the gate, you will pass through a door or two , down some stairs , then walk for 2-5 minutes , until you pass the duty free shops, at the end of a wide corridor , you will see the security officers. There you will be met by a local representative, who will be holding a sign with the name you prefer to use for the sign . Our local representative will then take your passport to obtain a stamp from the cashier / bank window and escort you to speak with the passport officer. He will escort you through another last check on your passport as you exit the passport control, into customs area, he will assist you in collecting your luggage and clearing customs . After exiting the terminal, our local representative will escort you (private vehicle) to the hotel




DAY 11- CAIRO (BL) - Wednesday
Today, we'll explore the wonders of the Egyptian Museum, with its treasures of the ancient pharaohs: mummies, statuary, precious stones and metals. The mummies room and King Tut's gold treasure room are included in our rate . Travellers have long come to Cairo just to gaze on these sights, but our day has just started. After lunch at Abu El Sid restaurant or Naguib Mahfouz , then it's on to the Citadel of Saladin and the Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali. before we head for the famous Khan El-Khalili Bazaar district . Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur. Private Egyptologist



DAY 12-Alexandria (BL)-Thursday
Today,we tour Alexander the Great's ancient capital , we'll get to known Alexandria in depth, as we visit the Greco-Roman Museum, the Roman Amphitheater, the Koum El Shougafa Tombs, the fortress of Kayet Bey, and the Museum of the Crown Jewels. After lunch in an Alexandrine restaurant, we'll travel souththward to Cairo through the lush delta of the Nile River, the source of the wealth of ancient Egypt.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur. Private Egyptologist



DAY 13-Cairo (BLD)-Friday
Today Cairo is yours to explore on your own, or just relax.
We 'll meet you at the hotel. Late lunch is included at La Bodega restaurant , before we head , for the railway station , it's all aboard! We'll settle you into your private wood-panelled sleeping compartment on the train bound along the banks of the Nile. You'll enjoy dinner on board , as the lights of villages reflect in the river.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur. Private Egyptologist. Our Cairo rep. will escort you on board the sleeper train .




DAY 14-Nile Cruise /Camel Caravan (cBLD)-Saturday
After breakfast on board, the train arrives in Aswan, where we'll settle you into your cabin on a Nile steamer. During the train ride, you will have seen feluccas sailing the Nile. Now we'll experience Egypt at its most authentic, as we sail in one of these graceful craft. Then, to really immerse yourself, try your hand at camel riding! We'll take willing passengers on a traditional caravan to enjoy tea with Nubian villagers. Only Travel in Style affords this unique opportunity to meet and interact with local people. We are proud to offer this insight into the Nubian way of life.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur. Private Egyptologist



DAY 15 - ASWAN, KOM OMBO - Private Egyptologist even on board the cruise (BLD) - Sunday
After breakfast on board, we'll visit the dams at Aswan, including the High Dam, a modern wonder in this ancient land. At the ancient granite quarry, we'll see an obelisk left unfinished, then board a launch on Lake Nasser to visit the Temples of Philae, rescued from rising waters. Back aboard our cruiser, we'll sail northward down the Nile at a stately pace, disembarking for a visit to Kom Ombo, the twin temple dedicated to the crocodile river god, Sobek.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur. Private Egyptologist


DAY 16 - EDFU, ESNA - (BLD)- Monday
Horse-drawn carriages or vans meet us at riverside to take us through Edfu to the Temple of Horus, best-preserved in all of Egypt. Later, we'll cruise to Esna, and by evening, we'll be in fabled Luxor.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur. Private Egyptologist



DAY 17 - LUXOR - (BLD) - Tuesday
We'll cross the Nile to view an array of ancient splendors: the tomb chambers of the Valley of the Kings; the imposing tomb-temple of Queen Hatshepsut and, the Colossi of Memnon.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur. Private Egyptologist




DAY 18 - LUXOR, CAIRO - (B) - Wednesday
Check out from our cabins. In the morning we'll visit the imposing Great Temple of Amon at Karnak and the great Temple of Luxor before heading back to the airport & the flight back to Cairo and our hotel.
Private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur. Private Egyptologist



DAY 19 - Giza - Dahshour - (BLD)
After breakfast, we'll motor to the edge of Cairo, to the mysterious Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza.
The museum of the Royal Barge of Cheops The museum is built over the rectangular pit that housed the Royal Barge for thousands of years , the wooden boat was readied for the king's daily journey with the sun god, Ra . Discovered in 1954, in a completely dismantled state, the 43-metre (140-foot) cedar boat is a rare window on the Royal boats used by the kings of Ancient Egypt.

Those who are fit and adventurous enough may wish to penetrate into the heart of the Great Pyramid, to the King's Chamber your ticket is included with our compliments (or the interior of Kephren Pyramid). Taking a camel ride (Included) is entirely your own choice!

Continue to Dahshour, the newly-opened pyramid field south of Cairo. We visit the great pyramid of Senfru, father of Cheops, and other structure:

The "Discovery" of Dahshour: For almost half a century, the great field of huge pyramids near the desert village of Dahshour, 25 miles south of Cairo, has been off limits to the public. Confined within the perimeter of a military base were many pyramids, including the great 4500-year-old pyramid built by Senfru, father of Cheops. Senfru's pyramid, the largest in Egypt until his son built Giza's Great Pyramid, is rhomboidal in shape: it tapers more distinctly on its upper half. All the pyramids were coated in thick plaster at one time. Most have lost these protective, decorative sheaths, but Senfru's--miraculously--is still in place.

Lunch is included at the Mena House .

Complimentary Dinner is included at a local home:
Meet the locals
you may wish to bring token gifts to exchange with the host family ( T shirt , small souvenirs of your home town):
This evening we'll venture where few ordinary visitors ever tread . . . right into the homes of some of the people of Cairo l! You'll be invited to a family dinner, and while you enjoy wholesome home-cooked specialties, you'll learn about and appreciate the outlook, aspirations, and way of life of your hosts. Be assured, as curious as you may be about your new friends, they're sure to have questions about your own background. Once the ice is broken, you'll enjoy a lively evening, and find that you have more in common than you ever suspected. Of course, you may enjoy a quiet evening with your travel companions, by letting us know your preferences.





After breakfast, our staff will see you to the airport and assist you with all the formalities before you board your flight for home. You'll arrive the same day. Bon Voyage!




Rates per person in US$ FROM JFK

In Triple occupancy
Deluxe Hotels
$ 7610.00
$ 7750.00
$ 8915.00
First Class
$ 6500.00
$ 6650.00
$ 7840.00
Tourist Class
$ 6720.00


Tour departs from the USA every Sunday , year round. For Christmas, New Year's & Easter weeks, please add %20 supplement. Air fare with taxes from JFK, round-trip. For most west coast cities, please add : $350.
For May thru end of Sep , air fare supplement is $350 (doesn't apply when you handle your own air fare). When /if you handle your own air fare, please deduct $ 800 from the rate.




Your tour includes:


  • Airport transfers in Tunisia and Egypt , always on a private basis, private air-conditioned vehicle, private chauffeur .
  • Complimentary visa fee for Egypt, valid only for American, EU , most of the South East Asian countries, China & Japanese citizens, passports must be valid for at least 6 month at time of arrival, no visa is required for Tunis or France.
  • Air fare with taxes from JFK, round-trip. For most west coast cities, please add : $350.
    For May thru end of Sep , air fare supplement is $350 (doesn't apply when you handle your own air fare). When /if you handle your own air fare, please deduct $ 800 from the rate.
  • Hotel accommodations in simple but comfortable Five four category in the major cities in Tunisia , yet modest 4 -star (first-class) hotels for rest of Tunisia : Sfax: Sfax Center Syhax; Gabes: Chems; Tozeur: Ramla)
    Egypt : Cairo : Deluxe 5 stars : Grand Hyatt , Conrad , Hilton or similar .
    First class : Oases, Shepheard's or similar.
  • Nile Cruises with all shore excursiones, and all meals while on board.
    Sample Nile cruises ( or similar ) : Movenpick M/S Royal Lotus , Movenpick M/S Royal Lilly, M/S Al-Kahila, M/S El-Jamila. M/S Amarco. M/S Monaco, M/S Monte Carlo, M/S Mojito .
  • Meals as indicated: cB = Continental breakfast; L = set-menu lunch; D = set-menu dinner
  • Guided sightseeing as indicated, including all admission fees, by air-conditioned vehicle .


  • VIP Arrival Hall At Cairo Airport
    Our representative greets you at the airport and whisks you to your hotel. Visa will be issued upon arrival at Cairo Airport for a limited number of citizens such as : American, Australian, NZ , EU , Canadian , EU Singaporean and Japanese citizens ,You are responsible for having your passport in order valid at least for 6 month beyond the date of your arrival in Cairo. Our local rep. meets with a sign that carries your name, and will be waiting for you with the prepaid visa stamps to proceed to the passports control to stamp your passports, then you claim your luggage, after you clear the passport and customs formalities and exiting the terminal, our local representative will escort you (private vehicle) to the hotel .



Not Included :

  • Tips .
  • Any insurance, we'll be glad to send you the flyer
  • Drinks.
  • Trip cancellation insurance, travel insurance



    The Mediterranean resorts of Europe are wonderful, but they can be crowded and expensive. So where do discerning Europeans go to find the perfect laid-back, affordable Mediterranean vacation? Why, they go to Tunisia, of

    The clear blue water, the shimmering sun, the white sand beaches are all the same in Tunisia, the southern shore of the Mediterranean, just across the sea from Sicily and Sardinia. The prices are lower, the pace is more relaxed, and the cuisine and service in this former French colony are
    French-inspired. (Everyone speaks French as well as Arabic, and many people in hotels, restaurants and other tourist spots speak some English, too.)

    Tunisia's history has always been linked to Europe's. Hannibal of Carthage crossed from Tunisia to Europe with 30,000 men and a few dozen elephants and humbled the Roman legions. Rome ultimately triumphed, however, and Tunisia became the Roman province of Africa. Today the picturesque ruins of great Roman cities are spread throughout the Tunisian countryside.

    Be sure to see Tunisia's African side as well: its legacy of Umayyad, Abbasid and Ottoman culture and cuisine, its picture-perfect desert oases shaded by date palms, its markets filled with handicrafts and exotic spices.


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