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Trip to Turkey and Egypt: Oct and Nov 2011

From: Kathy and John
To: omar <>
Date: Tuesday, November 01, 2011
Subject: trip of a life time!

Dear Omar,
What can one say about perfection! The trip has been tremendous and all of Egypt has gone like a dream.We have just been able to log on the Internet tonight on the cruise. Cairo was great, a little crazy but great. On to Luxor and the team is fabulous! We are on the boat now and it is wonderful, there is no need to worry you will get your 15 page adulation on whatever site you want. You have been wonderful and we can't wait to book the next trip with you. On to bed now because we have an early morning departure to see the next great thing in Edfu! More latter!

Kathy and John

Photo Credit: John Compton - John and Kathy Compton in Cappadocia Turkey

Trip to Turkey and Egypt: Oct and Nov 2011

From: Kathy and John
To: omar <>
Date: Thursday, December 15, 2011
Subject: Turkey & Egypt Trip Testimonial

My wife and I recently returned from the trip of a lifetime to Turkey and Egypt. Our trip was booked through and arranged by Omar Zaher and his Travel in Style team. Omar and his team did a superb job for us from the initial trip planning right through our final flight home. Our 3 week trip included stops in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. It included a 5 day cruise on the Nile from Luxor to Aswan which was absolutely fabulous. Omar also arranged a hot air balloon flight for us over Cappadocia in the early morning that was amazing. In every case the great people from Travel in Style met us at the airport, saw that we got to every hotel with the expected accommodations, and provided knowledgeable guides and air conditioned cars for all the incredible sites. And Omar got us several room upgrades we didn't expect!

The people and historic sites in both Turkey and Egypt are incredible. Every place we went we were impressed with the friendliness of the locals and the beauty of the land and the antiquities. We took thousands of photos! Anyone thinking about visiting these 2 countries should do it as both offer wonderful experiences.

We can't say enough good things about Omar and Travel in Style. He worked hard to make sure that we planned the trip that we wanted to take and helped us make several adjustments in the schedule to create just the right trip. Couple his great service with his very competitive pricing and you have a travel value that is hard to beat.

We're looking forward to booking additional travel with Omar in the future and highly recommend his services to anyone looking to travel abroad.
Thanks Omar!

From: Kathy and John
Sent: Tuesday, November 8, 2011
To: 'omar'
Subject: follow up to trip of a life time!

Hi Omar,
We are home now and trying to adjust to home life again. We cannot tell you how delighted we are with the entire process; from the very first contact with you, throughout the planning to the actual trip, the process was without a glitch. Neither John nor I have ever taken a trip with private guides and we have come to realize how important they are to the total enjoyment of the trip. Each guide was well informed, personable and had our wants and desires clearly as their main objective. The hotels were just great and the upgrades to suites in Cappadocia and on the Nile cruise were greatly appreciated. The total experience was beyond our expectation. We learned so much about each country and have come to appreciate and understand two different cultures due to the insight and informative nature of each of the guides. Is there anyway to relate our comments regarding the guides back to their agencies so each of the hiring agencies understands the quality of each individual guide? Each of the agencies in the countries were well run and there to make sure our needs were met.

It seems inadequate to say thank you because you and your team went beyond the normal services to make this the trip of a lifetime. We will definitely spread the word both verbally and on the Internet. I know Trip Advisor is one good outlet but are there other sites or venues that you would like for us to address. Also John has a minimum of 8,000 (not kidding) pictures and I have hours of fantastic video that is available to you if you would like copies for any thing you might need them for.

Again our heartfelt thank you for making this such a wonderful experience. You will definitely be hearing from us in the future for another fantastic trip somewhere.

Kathy and John

From: Darrell and Shelly
Date: Thursday, August 06
Subject: Re: How was our service in Turkey - Welcome Home -

Dear Omar,

What a beautiful country Turkey is, as are the lovely Turkish people. Our family had a wonderful holiday seeing the incredible landscapes, the historical ruins, and enjoying a new and different culture. Our unfortunate illness was managed so well by everyone. Ahmet, the doctor and hospital staff, and especially Nermin Sumer the manager at Hotel Tuvana. She was an angel and went way above and beyond in helping us with our needs. We are a pretty much go with the flow family so we regrouped, laughed about it and moved on to the next experience.

Our itinerary was great and we loved each region's unique aspects. Highlights were horsebackriding, the Mediterranean, the hamam, the Spice Bazaar, the food, and of course our adopted Turkish family (Timir). I could go on and on.

Your logistics were flawless. All of our guides and drivers were friendly and on time. Our accommodations were outstanding. (Thanks for the goodies at each stop!!) Tamera Neufeldt must be the most well known lady in Turkey. She is great to talk to and everyone knows her. She is the perfect lead contact.

There is so much more. Feel free to call or ask any questions of us. We had a GREAT vacation.

Darrell and Shelly

P.S. The two new carpets will look great in our living room.





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From:Andrew C. Man , M.D.
Sent: Friday, May 9, 2008 03:32 AM
Subject: Treated Like Royalty - Our Vacation in Turkey with Travel In Style

Dear Omar,

Today is our final day in Istanbul.I want you to know that we were treated like royalty, and that we had the best tour guide in all of Istanbul.

We received autographed copies of two of the guide books that he wrote.

We saw the Topkapi palace, the War Museum,and the Spice Bazaar on Wednesday, and went to the show at Kervanseray that night, where we had front row seats.

Yesterday, we saw the old city walls, the Chora and the little Hagia Sophia.

We crossed the Bosporus and got to photograph Istanbul from a park at the high point overlooking the Bosporus and Golden Horn,and then took a ferry to the Princes Islands in the Sea of Marmara, took a horse carriage ride on the largest island, and had a dinner in a fish restaurant from a fresh caught fish that we purchased at a fish store.

Thank you so much; this has been an outstanding adventure.

We look forward to planning future vacations with you.

Andrew C. Man, M.D.



From : Bob and Lina Kramer
Subject: A Marvelous Trip in Turkey with Travel In Style - The Kramers : Turkey : Summer 2004

Omar -

Thank you. Our trip was marvelous. The Turkish people certainly deserve their reputation as wonderful hosts. Our guide, Sevil Conka, was so knowledgeable and personable that I know we learned much more than we would have with anyone else. Both she and our driver, Atila, took wonderful care of us. We hope we can return someday, and when we do, we would certainly contact you.

Thanks again,

Bob and Linda Kramer




From:Michelle Desreux
Subj: RE: Istanbul Tour - Uniglobe - Aug 2001
Date: 9/16/01


To Omar,
Please forgive my delayed, but no less heartfelt thank you for the exceptional service and support we received during our recent visit to Istanbul.
We returned home Sept 7th and….well, I think you understand the delay.
Mr. Pekoz, it was a pleasure meeting you and, in particular we thank you for your generosity and your assignment of Bilge as our host.
Bilge is truly a treasure. Knowledgeable, resourceful, reliable, creative and gracious.
She ensured that we saw the highlights of Istanbul with a suitable amount of time for each and an educated, eloquent commentary that made each one memorable.
She adapted the plan for the day to suit our thoughts of the moment and was gracious enough to show us aspects of Istanbul life that are not “on the beaten path” which we particularly enjoyed. Her commitment to ensuring our experience was “exceptional”-along with her negotiation skills!- enabled us to spend a delightful 1 ½ hours on the bridge of a Bosphorus ferry drinking tea with the captain and ensuring us an unobstructed, un-crowded view of your amazing city.
This kind of attention to customer service is rare and we now know why you commented that she was “the best!”. We agree. As you know, our plan was to contract your services for 1½ days and do our own meandering for the rest of the time. Instead, we were so pleased with our experiences that we requested another 1½! it is my intention to provide a copy of my comments above to you on company letterhead so that you can add it to your “brag” book…with pleasure. But I didn’t want to wait any longer to offer my thanks so we’ll start with the ever-efficient email. I will also confirm to my colleagues that the suppliers to “12degrees” are indeed “a cut above” and if you are the example of the caliber of tour operator represented by the 12 degrees organization, we would have no problem in recommending their representatives to our agency community. Omar and Joann, I must again say thank you for responding so quickly to our request. We certainly did NOT expect you both to deliver what you did. It was very much appreciated.

Warm regards

Michelle Desreux
Senior Vice President, Global Operations The Uniglobe Group