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Sent: Monday, August 28, 7:12 PM
Subject: Re: Aug 16 - A-05-229 - Jason Walsh-Andalusia

Hello Omar.
I have returned from my holidays, and all I can say is, What a wonderful trip! The tour was such a fantastic part of it as well. I think I got a little bit lucky, as it wasn't really *that* hot. Of course it was Andalucia in August, so it was warm. But when I looked at the weather before leaving the highs in Seville were 104/105. When I was there, it actually down poured one day, and the rest of the time it was cloudy with only a few occasional bursts of Wow, it's a little hot right now. Cordoba was comfortable, the beach was comfortable, Day 2 in Granada was hot, and Toledo was HOT!!!, but all in all, so much more comfortable than I was expecting. Since it hit 115 when I was in Portugal, perhaps my standards had changed at this point. But the main guide for my group (Julio) was fantastic, there were quite a few younger people (I was expecting much older), the guided tours with local guides were excellent, and there was plenty of time at the overnight places to do stuff on your own.

And here's a funny little story: when I left, and went to Barcelona on my own, the tour was still going to Valencia and then Barcelona. This past Thursday, when I was in Barcelona taking a guided walking tour of the Barrio Gothico, I looked up and who should I see but my old tour group! It was a very happy, albeit short-lived, reunion, none of us able to believe that we ran into one another.

Traveling through Andalucia in the summer was beautiful, majestic, I'm not sure how else to describe it. Napa but even prettier, what with the hills and hills of olive trees, the grapes, the mountains off to the east and west, recently cut hay. I am so glad that I spent my 6 days in Andalucia as I did.


Europa a Su Alcance
May 2005

Sure…you can post the message. By the way, my parents were so thrilled with every aspect of the tour, from Carmina to their bus driver Timoteo. They provided such a high level of professionalism, that my parents were very impressed. They cannot stop talking about the trip. Once again, thank you so much for everything.

Ivonne Diaz

Date: 6/1/2005

Dear Travel In Style Staff,

I would like to thank everyone for making my parents' vacation memorable. They returned to Los Angeles yesterday and I could tell they were extremely pleased with the trip, especially their tour guide Carmina. "She couldn't of been any more perfect," was one of their many comments. Once again, thank you so much for everything! They will definitely book another tour with your company in the future.

Best regards,
Ivonne Diaz

Mediterranean cruises

Dear Omar,
Trip on Oceanic was very good. I was impressed by Pullmantur Cruises, they really did a nice job. Food and service was excellent.

I will want to book the Holiday Dream next year. As soon as I know a date I will let you know.

Thanks for booking the cruise. I will be in touch soon.


Visit to Spain - Ronda Andalusa

Thanks for the e-mail. It is good to hear from you.

We had a terrific trip. Everything went like clockwork. I would especially like to acknowledge the efforts of your associate, Raif, who did everything he could to be sure that we were connected properly to all aspects of our tour. He came with us to the Prado to meet up with and introduce us to our tour guide--who was worth every penny we paid her, he met us again later in the day to be sure we connected with our evening tour to dinner and the flamenco show, and he was on hand again the next morning to see to it that we were safely off on our Ronda Andalusia tour. He planned to meet us again at the end of our tour, but, since our tour bus was headed to the airport anyhow, our guide was kind enough to drop us off at our airport hotel.

As I said above, the private tour of the Prado was expensive but well worth every penny. Perhaps it would be a steep investment for someone who was likely to be passing through Madrid again. Since there's a good chance we won't have another chance to see the Prado, we felt that the use of a private guide would maximize the impact of our one visit, and we weren't disappointed.

We were rather disappointed, however, with the evening tour, dinner, and flamenco show which we felt was not worth the $105 charge. The show was probably fine, but the dinner was mediocre at best and the service slow--so slow that we were still eating when the bus and tour guide returned to take us back to our hotel. We weren't too far away, however, and ended up walking back. Unfortunately, we took a wrong turn along the way and got to see more of late-night Madrid than we had planned. With your own representative "on the ground" in Madrid, I think you can work to find a better late night option than the one offered here.

The Ronda Andalusia tour was wonderful. The tour guide was not the best we've had in terms of personality, but she managed the tour exceptionally well. Everything ran like clockwork, and not a moment of our time was wasted. Each of our local guides were available to us immediately upon arrival. Each was exceptionally knowledgeable and easy to understand. Hotels and meals were all fine, although we felt that the hotel room in Sevilla was a little spartan. That's a minor quibble, however. Both of us felt that this tour was an exceptional value, and we would recommend it highly. The balance between structured and unstructured time was excellent; some days were exceptionally busy, but the next day almost always gave us some time to relax a bit.

With the exception of the evening in Madrid, which was only a minor disappointment, every aspect of the arrangements you made for us was exceptional. We also greatly appreciated the excellent communication ahead of time and fulfillment of the last minute request we made for the evening tour of the Alhambra. From beginning to end, we were extraordinarily well cared for by Travel In Style and would be pleased to recommend you to any potential clients for your great value and exceptional service.

Thank you again for everything.

With best wishes,
Sigrid and David Howell

Visit to Spain - Andalusia, Costa Del Sol

I talked to my mother yesterday. She was very happy with the Tour; she liked the quality of the hotels and the overall organization of it. I think she had a great time. I appreciate your assistance and flexibility until the last minute. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone I know!!

Graciela Cavicchia, Program Manager

All Around Spain Tour

Dear Omar:
I just wanted to tell you that we had a fantastic time in spain. The tour was lovely and we got to see many intersting places. Raif was a great host in Madrid. He was very hospitable and he showed us around the city. He told us where to go and recommeded good places to eat and visit during our short time in Madrid.

I wanted to also thank you for putting this tour together for us. Next year we are considering doing a trip to Greece and hopefully we can arrange it with you again.

Once again thanks for everything!
Lee Majmin

Visit to Europe, Spain & Egypt


Thank You for giving them a great time!! every time they call is only to say wonderful things.. the egypt tour was the best.. especially the ceremony on the boat in their honor..

the only thing that went wrong was the luggage that was lost..

Once again thank you.. have no doubt that for our tours we will look for you!!

sandra m

Visit to Spain

Subj: Re: Mr. Kenneth Maseda & Ms. Sahyly Álvarez
Date: 7/21/2003
From: kenneth

Hello Omar/Azza,

Just to let you know we had a wonderful time in lovely SPAIN, both of us want to THANK YOU for a very smooth Tour . To our great luck, ALL of the passengers turned out to be SPANISH-SPEAKING so the entire tour was held in Spanish... While we both speak/write English, it's always nicer to hear a narrative in our native language - besides, being in Spain it made even more sense. So, Again THANKS!!

We both particularly enjoyed GRANADA and wished the stay would have been for 2 days (basically, switching from Sevilla 2 days to Sevilla 1 day). We heard practically EVERYONE aboard expressing the same. Granada proved the favorite over Sevilla for a 2-day visit.

We also have the kindest words for our Tour Guides in Spain, Manuela, etc. Wonderful people and locale descriptions.

Warm regards,
Kenneth T.....
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Thank you for your kind interest in our day tour with your agency. We were very happy with the trip we booked with you. To start off, we were met at the departure site by two of your representatives who were very friendly and seemed to be there just to make sure we were all settled and got off on our trip well. They were even concerned that we would have warm enough clothes as the weather was cold that day! I remember both of them waving as we drove off... how very nice. Our day tour was all we hoped it would be. The step on guide was very good, spoke English very well and was very familiar with the areas we toured. The sights were wonderful and we had plenty of time to see it all and some free time to explore on our own also. Upon our return we were even dropped off at a more central location to our hotel. All 5 of us look upon our day tour as one of the highlights of our time in Spain. Thank you very much for making it easy for us to have this wonderful experience! I will not hesitate to recommend Travel in Style to my friends... in fact, I have already done so!

Edy and Blaine Roberts

Chetcuti Family from Malta - Summer

Dear Fatima

Thank you for your interest. We had a good time on our tour in the south of Spain between September 11 and 15.

The service was very well managed and the tour guide was superb as were all the guides on the separate tours. The only set back was the xtra day in Granada. Being a Sunday there was very little to do and during the day tour of Granada, the previous day, all the highlights were seen.

Otherwise, well done. A special thanks to Omar who met us at the station. Thank you very much.

Mark Chetcuti