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Vishal and Tina on their honeymoon in Morocco
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Posted on Vishal Assar's Facebook wall on Oct 2011

Hi Omar,
Thank you Omar! We can't stop thinking of our trip even after a year has passed. Hopefully we can make it out to Sf and definately meet up soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Arne Werchick
Egypt, Morocco and Jordan, April 2010

On the subject of Morocco I was going to e-mail you separately to tell you how pleased we were. Youssef Soudy, who was the driver and travel assistant assigned by the agency was a real find. He was cooperative, efficient yet flexible and understanding of our personal needs. Generally the guides in each location (we had the one driver throughout and a different guide in each city) were top quality. We learned a great deal, ate much too much excellent food, and had a wonderful experience. At the very end we went to the airport hoping to check in early and relax in the Air Maroc business class lounge only to find that the check in for the flight wouldn't occur until 9p, two hours before flight. So Youssef insisted on buying us a beer -- I had used all my Moroccan currency for tips and purchases -- and wait with us. No sooner did we sit down in the cafeteria when he spotted a friend who worked for the airline; after much conversation in Arabic, Youssef announced that his friend would see to our check in and would escort us directly to the lounge -- three hours ahead of scheduled check in. We felt like visiting royalty or diplomats as we whisked through security and downstairs to the lounge where we spent a very quiet and relaxing evening.

Again thanks for all your good work so far.

- Arne

Date: Sunday, March 07, 2010

Dear Omar and Azza,
Just thanks for a great time we had in Morocco. Thanx for extra meals and surprise presents.

I believe you have been working with Mustapha and Najla for 12 years now and by all means continue. They were able to provide unique experience and we felt special as Mr Dardari called more than once to check if all was ok.

As our itinerary was a day shorter a hotel and restaurant upgrade was really nice gesture on their part.

So thanx again we will try to send you more business. If in any way we can help let us know.

And we will be back most likely next year- this time Syria.

Best wishes
Sabina and Piotr

From: barbara
Sent: Friday, May 04
Subject: Re: Hello Barbara- Welcome home. Just checking if all was in order ? Did the service meet your expectations ?

Please accept my apologies for taking so long to get back to you. I am just now able to see the top of my desk.

I wanted to let you know that we had a most excellent tour of Morocco thanks to you and your agency. We always wanted to see Morocco and now I feel like we really have. We were so impressed with our driver, he took great care of us and we had a lovely evening with Mustafa and his wife (Can't remember her name, sorry). I was hoping that you could email them for me or forward me their email address as I would love to get a couple recipes from them.

Thank you again Omar for your help.
Barbara F.

Hello Omar,

Yes you most definitely have our permission to post our comments. As I said before we were so pleasantly surprised by the service and attention to all details provided by you and your partners that we have been recommending you to all our friends and associates. I hope they all contact you in the future as we most definitely will.
Thanks again, B

Egypt: Alexandria and Petra Tour, Feb 2010

From: RJ
To: Omar <>
Date: Sunday, March 07, 2010
Subject: mention in Newsweek International

Dear Grand Flying Carpet Magician (AKA Omar the magnificent)….

We are at home and all settled. It took a few days, but we are back on sleep schedule etc. All the many items we got in Egypt came through very, very well – not one piece was broken nor chipped. We have some very beautiful bowls, plates, other ceramics, and textiles to remind us of our wonderful second trip to Egypt and amazing Petra.

If you go to the international Newsweek of March 1, 2010, in the article beginning on page 51 ("Dancing the Trip Away"), then turn to page 52, middle column and right column, you will see what I read while in Cairo -- what a delightful surprise:

For those eager to learn the ancient art of belly dancing, there are a number of options…And in Morocco, offers a nine-day belly-dancing tour, where guests stay at the plush Sofitel Essaouira Medina & Spa and take daily two-hour lessons as well as sightseeing excursions in Marrakech ($5,860;

You are known world-wide – of course!!!

I know I have the belly for the dance lessons but not the flexibility to do the moves.

Hope all is well for/with you and yours.

Your very appreciative traveler…


Egypt and Morocco Tour

From: Nadine
Sent: Friday, May 16
Subject: Recent trip

Hello Omar and Fatima,
Well, we arrived home from Cairo last week Friday and I want to let you know that our trip was fantastic! We were always well taken care of, and truly traveled in style!! All of our guides and drivers were great - Aziz in Morocco, Sam and Asharaf in Egypt. Michael, the local representative in Cairo, was extremely helpful and professional. My Mom's luggage was lost somewhere between Marrakech and Cairo and due to Michael's diligent efforts, it was returned to her on our last day in Cairo. We felt that if it wasn't for Michael's constant attention and follow-up, she may never have had it returned. Our Cairo driver, Badr, was amazing in the crazy traffic and we always felt safe. Thanks again for your suggestions and the interesting itinerary that you created for us. The hotels and Nile cruiser were also wonderful!


Dear Omar,

Linda and I just returned from our trip to Morocco.

The sights, sounds, smells and people were exciting and memorable. The trip was wonderful. The hotels were comfortable and we found the people friendly and engaging.

Most of all we enjoyed your guides. Abraham, our driver, was courteous, prompt and took excellent care of our little group. Hamid in Casablanca, Jouad in Fez and Moulay in Marrekech were warm, intelligent and informative and have all earned a special place in our memories.

If you are ever in Newport Beach, Omar, and you would be interested in giving a talk to our community on Turkey or Morocco, please let us know. The group would be small but most of the people in our community are avid travelers.

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience,

Linda and Alan Berman (Morocco April 2002)

P.S. If you want to use this email as a recommendation please feel free to.

Morocco Summer

Sent: July 18, 2003
Date: 7/16/03

Our trip was fabulous. We will look forward to using your services again for another trip. The guide Said was a wonderful man, and felt more like a friend than a guide.

Laura-Lee and Mark Walter

Sharon & Family
from Canada to Morocco - Summer 2003

Sallams azza:

thank you so much for enquiring about our trip. we had a wonderful time!!!! the country is so beautiful and people so hospitable....

we were especially thankful for Said our driver, he was flexible and helpful, we highly recommend him to others...the hotels we stayed at were great especially F'int in ouzarate, the hotel in zagora and erfoud were fabulous as well. we greatly enjoyed the dessert although it was so hot we did not need the extra warm clothing we brought along. the temp apparently went as high as the 50C while we were there-definatly no fleece needed for future referrence. the experience was unforgetable.

I found the pace of the trip tiring, that is, the daily drives of over 4-5 hours was exhausting for me, i became car sick but my companions seemed to take it all in stride:)))

thanks so much for your help, we did receive our books in the mail (when we returned from the trip) but non-the less they are beautiful and i'm thankful for them. i'm hoping to go back again as i made some friends in the city of marrkech and would love to see more of it with them. by the way please add the majorelle gardens to your itinery, as well as fantasia, and the menara.