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2005 – 2007

Photo Credit: Vishal and Tina. Cruising the Nile on their honeymoon to Egypt and Morocco, 2010.

The Blanchards

Good morning, Fatima. I just wanted to send you and Omar a special thank you for all that you did to make our Egypt experience an extraordinary one. We absolutely loved it, especially our time on the Royal Cleopatra. Mustafa and his crew are the greatest, as was Emad, our Egyptologist. He knows so much and is so thorough and thoughtful in guiding. Book him as much as you can! Abu Layla, the boat's chef, is fantastic and exceeded our expectations for food on the Nile. It was wonderful to be picked up at each of our stops; we did not know we would get such personal attention. It was really great to avoid the crowds as much as possible. One small suggestion for Luxor would be to book guests in the Al Mudira (the place was empty and I bet good deals are possible), or at least recommend that people have dinner there one night. It is a gem in the desert. If you want more feedback, we are happy to offer that, but for now we just want to say thanks. Sue and Jimmy

… Blanchard

Date: 7/23/2005

Dear Omar the Great,

At the beginning of the trip we were the queen and princess of Egypt, but after a few days we became the goddesses of the Nile. Everyone treated us so wonderfully and the two weeks flew by too fast. We loved Egypt and the Egyptians so much that we tried to extend our time in Egypt, however we were not able to get all the plane reservations that we had hoped for.

Mayada and Mageud in Cairo were so caring and wonderful and what can I say about the wonderful dinner at Mayada's family's apartment? Her mother is a delight and I hope to see her again in the future. The cruise was absolutely superb.

One of our favorite people of ancient Egypt is Queen Hatshepsut and we would have loved to see her temple. We did not go and when we returned home we found that it was supposed to have been on our itinerary. That was one of the places we really wanted to see.

The two guides we had were very different, very knowledgeable and we learned so much from both of them. We both learned several phrase in Arabic (such as: "fell mish mish") and Michelynn was learning how to write in Arabic. If you ever need someone to make a recommendation to anyone thinking of going with your company I hope you would think of us. It was a dream come true from the very first day! The staff in Egypt was very attentive to our every wish and you were always so prompt in responding to any of my questions before the trip.

With many, many thanks to all the people who made this so special,

The two goddesses of the Nile

Gale and Michelynn McCall

March 28, 2005

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that our Egyptian trip was fabulous! We had a great time, and a large part of that was because your agency did a great job taking care of us.

Your representatives were very helpful and polite and it made all the difference.

Thank you so much, I would highly recommend Travel in Style


Wallace Party - On the Royal Cleopatra - Private cruising on the Nile


I've been meaning to email you since we arrived home - the trip was Great!!! All the crew was helpful and friendly - they had their work cut out for them helping us with the old ladies, but they were fabulous with them.

everyone had a fantastic time-the accommodations were lovely and the food delicious. Id certainly recommend it to others!!

Finally, Ahmed, our tour guide was the best - again, friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to be with for 5 days - as much as we loved our guide in Cairo, we were sad to leave Ahmed!!

I would certainly recommend him if you're ever looking for guides!! Especially on the boat - It takes a certain type of person to live so comfortably with a group of 5 strangers, and again - he made us feel welcome - worked well with all the crew and was an asset to the trip

Thanks for everything


Egyptology & Archeology
Dr. Betsy Bryan Party - Jan 2005

From: "charlotte pusey"
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005

Dear Omar,

Of course you can use my words as a testimonial. I should have added that I so much appreciated your patience and prompt follow through since we joined the group at the last minute. It truly was a trip of a lifetime and I'm reluctant to brush the desert dust off my walking shoes. Hopefully, I can go back for more. I plan to include Ahmed Kaoud's touching message in my travel album. I also appreciated the energy and enthusiasm of some others on the team including Mohamed Abbas, who is a wonderful representative of his country and has a great future, and our guide to Islamic and Coptic Cairo whom we all knew only as Mohamed #2. Then there was the first friendly face whose name I never retained but who also saw us off for the States as well. Thank you again for everything!!!

Omar, There was an ATM at the Old Cataract Hotel which we, fortunately or unfortunately, found convenient. We had a wonderful trip and thank you for your kindness and attention. The representatives in Egypt were great, particularly those in Cairo. We hope to return someday to that fascinating land.

Kind regards,
Charlotte Pusey

Boehm Family - Jan 2005

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We returned safely as scheduled. The trip was very interesting. We added a trip to Alexandria on our free day in Cairo. The new library there is worth the visit. The staff in Egypt was excellent and our logistics were exactly as described. Hotels were excellent. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable in Egyptology, but could have given us a little more information during the long drives.

One suggestion we have is to warn people of the cold temperatures on Mt. Sinai so they can bring gloves, shoes, coats, etc. Also, there were several days with 2:30 a.m. wake up calls that should have been mentioned.

Overall the planning done by you and your associates was great.

Thanks again
Earl & Francine

hi Omar:
in our testimonial you can add that Earl and I will recommend your agency for travel plans.

You are very customer service oriented and we really appreciated that!

Depending where our future traveling plans take us, we are likely to use your agency again.


Bookings from Switzerland: Summer

Hello Fatima!

Sorry to keep you waiting so long - it's just always like this after two weeks out of office...

We would like to thank you very much for the perfect planning and arranging of a great trip. You have a premium class agents and crew in Egypt , compared also to international standards!

We enjoyed a perfectly organized, really custom made program with real Egyptian friendlyness and in the same time "Swiss" punctuality and finish. The Swiss tourism board should send their people for instruction....

We will be happy if you forward our best thanks to all people involved in our journey , your agency will be recommended to our Egyptian business travellers!

Believe me, we left Egypt with the knowing of having met new friends - we already have contacts with our guide we used to have on the cruise!

Many thanks also to your part - it was worth it to trust into an online business company on another continent - but, by knowing you were Egyptian I was never scared about being cheated; I always made good experiences with people from Egypt!

Our meaning about perfect organization is proved by the compare to the second agent we had from Marsa Alam to Cairo - the difference was easy to see!

What is left for us is say thank you very much for planning us a great time and wishing you all the best for you, your familiy and your business in 2005. We will definitly recommend your company and trying to convince other people to go and see the different sights of this beautiful country!

Hope to hear from you some time. If we can help you with anything some time, just let me know. We keep it the Egyptian way. If ever you will always be welcome in Switzerland!!

Warmest regards


P.S. If you like we will be happy to send you a nice calendar with different views of Switzerland. Let me know if yes, how many you would like to have as a little sign to remember the Swiss guys!


Egypt & Nubian Sea (Lake Nasser)

Dear Omar and Azza,

Thank you, and Happy New Year to your staff and families!

Jeffrey and I could not have had a more wonderful trip. The SS Nubian Sea was a highlight. The staff was professional and the cuisine outstanding. It is simply hard to put into words how profound it was to visit Abu Simbel in the afternoon and again for the evening light show.

All our services,transfers, and hotels could not have been smoother. Only one recommendation: Had we known that we would be on the boat in dock all day we would have loved to have had the option to visit Philae or simply tour Aswan on our own.

As for the rest of the trip, all our guides were top form, except perhaps the lady in Aswan who seemed a bit not necessary in the well planned Nubian Museum.

The Nubian Museum was so well done, she had a hard time adding to the information already available. I think you could easily have people walk this on their own. However, a guided tour of the city and dam would have been nice.

You will laugh, we found ourselves wanting one more day everywhere we went. That is how much enjoyed ourselves.

Off our tour in Alexandria, Jeffrey and I took some of our free time to visit the Alexandrian Library. What a jewel. You may wish to suggest this to future travelers. It was a wonderful cap on a splendid tour.

Back in Cairo, you were right. The Cosmopolitan was certainly not up to your standards as evidenced by the trip. We had to change rooms to get one that was properly cleaned and no water leaks, but the hotel's location was fantastic and we hiked all over Cairo. We will definitely take your advice on hotels when we go back someday.

In conclusion, we will pass on our trip details to family and friends who hope to travel to Egypt.

Thank you to you and your colleagues in Cairo for all their hard work. We wish you the very best in the upcoming year.


Karla and Jeffrey