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Mediterranean and North Africa
Multi-Country Tours
Egypt Plus

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates
Greece . Jordan . Italy . Kenya .  Morocco
South Africa .  Tunisia . Turkey


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Planning a trip visiting several countries takes skill, patience, and good local contacts. We've got it all! Multi-Country tours are our specialty. If you don't find your preference here, just call us and we'll arrange the perfect itinerary just for you





Egypt , Dubai and the United Arab Emirates :
1001 Arabian Nights Adventure ... come and join us

1001 Arabian Nights comes alive in Dubai , the true Arabia of today, tour Dubai1001 Arabian Nights comes alive in Dubai , the true Arabia of today, tour Dubai

Grand Tour of Arabia

Tour Egypt , Dubai and Jordan a la Indiana Jones
A Grand 15 day touring of in Egypt , Dubai and Jordan , Including Petra





Egypt and Greece

honeymoon on santorini


Triangle of Ancient Lands : Tour Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Greece:(10 Days)
Come with us on a grand 10-day triangle tour of these three awe-inspiring lands of antiquity



Mediterranean Fantasies:
Athens, the Greek Island of Santorini, Cairo and a deluxe Nile cruise: (12 days)

Perfect for Honeymooners.
Compare with the ultimate in luxury in cruising the Nile on board Sonesta Dahabiya.



Legends of the Greek Isles and the Nile (15 Days)
The Greek Island Hopping without a Greek Cruise
Classical Greece Tour : Athens, Nauplia, Olympia, Delphi. For those who prefer to explore Greece by land rather than on a cruise, then on to an in depth tour of Egypt




Egypt and Italy Tours
Tour Egypt and Italy . Antony and Cleopatra : A 15 Day Mediterranean Tour

He was the triumvir of Rome, she was queen of Egypt, They fell in love, joining their fates with those of their countries. Travel in Style recreates this ancient bond by taking you to Cleopatra's great cities of Cairo & Alexandria and to Antony's Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Capri and more.


Honeymoon Egypt and Italy , tour Egypt  and  Italy


Magic of Rome, Istanbul and the Nile (15 days)
A grand 15 -day private tour of these three gems of the Mediterranean - Private touring




Egypt and Jordan




Egypt and Kenya

African Safari, elephant

The African Nile Safari 12 days
This is truly an experience for those who have been dreaming to see and enjoy the ultimate African Safari at an affordable price. This combination of cosmopolitan Cairo and the Safari Adventure is a diverse itinerary offering an array of Egypt's & Kenya's finest travel experiences.
Click here for the 17 days Nile Cruise edition.





From Marrakech to the Nile

Honeymoon in  Morocco, Egypt and Morocco Tours

Explore the two gems of North Africa--Morocco and Egypt--on this 10-day, tour to Casablanca, Marrakech, Cairo and Luxor. A bonus: journeys by train across the Moroccan countryside, and up the Nile!

Add a one week sailing in a Dahabiya : 17-day Tour

Or the 19-day Egypt and Morocco tour , including Cairo , a one week sailing in a Dahabiya and camping in a deluxe tent in the Moroccan Sahara.

The Grand African Tour : Experience The Best of South Africa, Egypt and Morocco ,
all in 24 days .
Start in South Africa and including
Victoria Falls


From Jerusalem to Marrakech : A 34 -Day Grand Tour of the Middle East and North Africa
Tour Palestine * Israel * Morocco * Tunisia and Egypt
, with Alexandria and a Nile Cruise





Egypt and South Africa

Herd of Elephants at a water whole, Cairo to Cape Town tour



From Cairo to Cape Town
Experience the Best of Egypt & South Africa in 15 days
Airfare is included round trip or one way between Cairo & Johannesburg
Tour starts weekly on Sunday in Cairo , Year Round.


The Grand African Tour
From Marrakech to Cairo and on to Cape Town .

Airfare is included round trip or one way between Marrakech , Cairo and Johannesburg
Tour starts weekly on Wednesday day in Marrakech , Year Round.




EGYPT and Tunisia

From Chartage to the Nile

Enjoy the best of Tunisia & Egypt in a 20-day adventure. Click here for the 14 days version.

Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia
21 Days Tour starts weekly on Sundays





Egypt and Turkey

Capadoccia, Tour Turkey, Egypt & Turkey Tour



From Istanbul to the Nile (15 days - Without a Nile Cruise)
Enjoy the best of Turkey & Egypt : with guaranteed departures , or add a Nile cruise in a 12-day edition .



Let's Go to Turkey and Egypt
Visit Turkey's & Egypt's top sights including a Nile Cruise , all in 14 days on a Locally escorted tour with First Class hotels . Tour starts weekly in Istanbul on Wednesdays , year round .


Beyond the Veil Women Of Anatolia and the Nile (15 days)
Insights for Women Travelers.
Come with us to meet Egypt and Turkey's women, see how they live, share meals with them, and go beyond misconceptions- beyond the veil. We'll meet artisans and learn their crafts, hike through striking landscapes, and explore the deep history, art, culture and society of the Nile Delta and biblical Cappadocia from a woman's point of view.

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