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Mediterranean and North Africa
Multi-Country Tours

Sphinx and Pyramids, Giza, Egypt
Go on a mediterranean cruise in Turkey
Visit Petra, Jordan
Ancient Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Hot air balloons, Cappadocia, Turkey
Hassan Tower in Rabat, Morocco
Sail the Nile on a felucca

Welcome! Come with us to the ancient lands of North Africa & the Eastern Mediterranean. Whether you want to visit a single country, or perhaps two, three or more countries, or a cruise... whatever the case, you want to Travel in Style.

We are a group of small, specialized family-owned companies in Athens, Greece; Istanbul, Turkey; Tunis,Tunisia; Cairo, Egypt; Marrakech, Morocco; and San Francisco, California, working together under the Masters of the Mediterranean® brand.

Our specialty is personal service, thoughtfully designed travel experiences, and careful attention to detail — qualities not available from larger, more commercial travel companies.

Egypt Multi Country Tours
Mediterranean and North Africa Multi-Country Tours
Travel to Egypt and combine with a tour to Greece, Jordan, Kenya South Africa, Italy, Tunisia, and Turkey.
Turkey Multi Country Tours
Turkey & Egypt; Turkey & Greece
Private Deluxe Tours of Turkey and Egypt:
For those with sufficient time, we offer a doubly-rich feast of art, culture and adventure: the delights of Turkey and the beauties and mysteries of Egypt. Visit the palaces of the sultans and the temples of the pharaohs.

Cruise the Golden Horn, the Bosphorus and the Nile. Sample the cuisines of Istanbul and Cairo. There may be no travel adventure more rich in art, architecture, history and scenes of romantic beauty than this. And when you Travel in Style, you follow in the footsteps of the noble adventurers of the past.


Romantic Getaways
For your honeymoon, or anniversary getaways or even your wedding ceremony — be it for the two of you or a party of 200 guests — go somewhere really different, exotic, and memorable. Where? Here are some hints: One-of-a-kind sights found nowhere else in the world. Months and months of sunny weather. Thousands of miles of coastline and beaches. Ancient cultures and rich cuisine. World-class museums, unsurpassed shopping...


Greece and Turkey Tours
Turkey and Greece are united by the Aegean Sea. It washes their shores and offers a maritime highway between them. Great peoples have sailed the Aegean for millennia, sharing their arts, cultures and cuisines. You can do the same on our Turkey and Greece Tours, comparing and contrasting these Mediterranean neighbors, realizing that if any place has been the meeting-place of cultures, it is here: Athens, Istanbul, the Greek Islands, Ephesus, and more.


Jordan and Egypt multi tours
Jordan & Egypt; Jordan, Palestine & Israel

Indiana Jones himself couldn't squeeze more adventure into the journeys we will arrange for you in Egypt and Jordan: Cairo and the Pyramids, a cruise on the Nile, the fabled temples and tombs of Luxor and Thebes, diving in the Red Sea, and a trek to the mysterious ruins of Petra in Jordan.


Multi-Country Tours

Three Country Grand Tour

Biblical Odyssey Tour

From Jerusalem to The Nile

Pilgrimage to Al Qouds Al Shareef and Jordan

Minarets & Menorahs

The Grand Tour of Arabia - Dubai - Israel & The Middle East

The Near East and The Levant

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