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Mediterranean and North Africa
Grand Tours Series


Planning a trip visiting several countries takes skill, patience, and good local contacts.
We've got it all! Multi-Country tours are our specialty.
If you don't find your preference here, just call us and we'll arrange the
perfect itinerary just for you






From Cairo to Cape Town
Experience the Best of Egypt and South Africa in 15 days
Airfare is included round trip or one way between Cairo & Johannesburg
Tour starts weekly on Sunday in Cairo , Year Round.




The Grand African Tour
From Marrakech to Cairo and Cape Town

Experience the Best of Africa in 18 days
Airfare is included round trip or one way between Marrakech , Cairo & Johannesburg
Tour starts weekly on Wednesday in Marrakech , Year Round.



Grand Tour of Arabia
Egypt, Dubai and Jordan a la Indiana Jones
A Grand 14 days in Egypt , Dubai and Jordan, Including Petra ,
Add Fayoum Oases in Egypt. compare with the 16 day or Arabia ina Week : the 7 Day Dubai and Petra .




Grand Tour of Arabia - Deluxe camping in Wadi Rum in Jordan
Private Tour Egypt , Dubai and Jordan a la Indiana Jones

For Guests who can afford and want the Best when touring the Near East
A 20 day
Ultimate Tour of : Egypt , The United Arab Emirates and Jordan
Including Alexandria and Abu Simbel Temples , and camping in Jordan's Wadi Rum



Tour Egypt, Israel, Greece :
Triangle of Ancient Lands
Come with us on a grand 10-day triangle tour of these three awe-inspiring lands of antiquity




Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia
21 Days . Tour starts weekly on Sundays
We'll take you through North Africa, The Ancient Nile Kingdoms of the mighty Pharaohs, Cairo , Giza, enjoy a 5 day Nile Cruise, then its off to Carthage, capital of the legendary Hannibal, but there's much more to this tour. You'll also Continue west on across North Africa to Morocco. Marrakech, Fez & Casablanca.


Grand African Tour : From North To South Africa : 32 Day
Tour Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia
. In a Grand 32 Day African Tour, weekly, year Round






What others say about our services :

From: Suzanne Devonshire <>

Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 12:27 am
Subject: Re: Devonshir Family - How was the service

Hi Omar,

First, many thanks for the lovely kartouches. We were all thrilled to receive them! It was a very nice gesture!

Also, thank you for your kind wishes and for following up with us. We had a fabulous time and were very pleased with the people from Sakkara Tours, particularly Wael in Cairo and Ahmed (? ) in Aswan. Egypt was remarkable and we are thrilled to have visited all that we did.

We found the Guides to be exceptional - especially Ashraf on the Nile cruise and Hani at Petra. All of us enjoyed their company and wished we could have had more time with each - especially Ashraf. He was truly outstanding. My husband told him, as well, that he was particularly patient with all the female shoppers in our family!

We were really impressed, as well, with the staff on the Nile boat. They were very accommodating, friendly and helpful. Additionally, we thoroughly enjoyed The Four Seasons Hotels in both Cairo and Sharm.

A few points for consideration are as follows:

1. The journeys to and from Jordan on the ferry were very difficult days. Just a heads up for future clients. Although Petra was outstanding, the days before and after were quite unpleasant and the logistics were not as smooth as they had been on the rest of our trip especially on the Egypt side. Things went much smoother on the Jordan side.

2. We would suggest that for future travel you might like to warn clients about the Jordanian departure tax. Not being aware of the tax we did not have sufficient Dinar. Throughout the rest of the trip Visas and taxes were included.

Nevertheless, thank you for facilitating a most memorable and interesting experience. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to others and hope to book another vacation with you soon, as we appreciated very much how Travel in Style made everything so effortless and first class.

All the best,
Suzanne (and Glenn)

Suzanne Devonshire

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