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Morocco Honeymoon Treats

Your Luxury Wedding and Honeymoon In Morocco

Celebrate your love - repeat your vows In Marrakech
Your Wedding in the most romantic setting
Morocco - The True Magic Kingdom


Henna hand painting , Moroccan Wedding

Henna Hand Painting for the Wedding Ceremony
( this is not a permanent Tattoo )



Honeymoons in Morocco ! Yes, the lore of love in Marrakech and Morocco includes some of the greatest figures in Hollywood and history. What better place to commence a lifetime of passion?

Now, you can honeymoon in a style fit for kings and queens.

Celebrate your love on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco or on the edge of the Atlas in Marrakech. The services listed below are samples of what is available, we will be happy to custom tailor your wedding ceremony to meet your wishes.

And at your option, we can supply pageantry and fanfare worthy of sultans and sultanas. Celebrate with the full panoply of a traditional zaffa, a procession of Bedouins, Touareg and /or Berber and camels in fine raiment, whirling dervishes, drummers, horn players, bagpipers, and swordsmen with blades ablaze ( for a supplement- please see the choices listed below)!

You'll walk a path strewn with flower petals, to be honored by the Sultan himself and his queen in royal regalia.

And of course, there will be belly dancers swerving to sensuous melodies played on flutes and reeds
( for a supplement- please see the choices listed below) !

Note : Any official paper ( i.e. Certificate of marriage) is to be done in your home country , the wedding party in Morocco , or repeating the vows is simply to treat you to a ceremony fit for a Sultan & a Sultana .


The true Magic Kingdom
Spoil yourself

Honeymoon in Morocco


Wedding in Morocco

Honeymoon in Morocco


Moroccan Wedding Bells
Cost per couple : $ 3590.00

You may add the" Moroccan Wedding Bells" to
any of the Moroccan tour packages

  • The Bride and the Groom will ride in a special horse drawn carriage decorated with flowers in Moroccan tradition , in a procession from the hotel to the restaurant or wedding site.



  • Live music and Gnaouas musicians ,with authentic berber, Moroccan music.


  • The Most Exalted One; The Mighty Sultan of the Land will bless your wedding as you drink milk and eat dates ( Moroccan wedding tradition) , then you exchange the rings.


  • Basket of dried rose petals to shower on the young couple as per the Moroccan tradition


  • Wedding certificate written in Arabic and /or French, Spanish etc. if you prefer


  • Gourmet Moroccan dinner for two at a Moroccan restaurant with a local
    " Moroccan Zaffa - Wedding ceremony"
    with dancers, doufoof .





Cost per couple : USD $ 500.00

You may add these " Honeymoon Treats" to
any of the Moroccan tour packages .

  • Deluxe welcome fruit basket , canapés, in room upon arrival day.
  • One Private Moroccan tea ceremony with musician, Moroccan traditional pastries and 2 keepsakes mint tea glasses.
  • One photograph with Thuya wood frame
  • One dinner for two at hotel .



Cost per couple : USD $800.00

You may add these " Honeymoon Treats" to
any of the Moroccan tour packages .

Same as listed above in the "Exclusive Treats" Plus:


  • A huge bunch of red roses on arrival at airport
  • Hammam (The Moroccan version of Turkish bath) and skin scrubbing for two.
  • Djellabahs (Moroccan cotton robe) and babouches (traditional slippers) for two .
  • A keepsake Moroccan teapot (to go with the mint tea glasses)



We accommodate you in palatial hotels, host you with cuisine fit for royalty, and provide a full array of activities and excursions.

Renew your vows in Morocco.
WE can arrange for your Wedding ceremony in Morocco.

Join us for a week in the Sahara, or just one night Luxury camping as part of your one week stay in Morocco.

It's a getaway to someplace that's different, with lots to see and do, good beaches and shopping, and excellent cuisine.

Someplace exotic and adventurous perhaps, with a bit of romance, but not too far away. Someplace you'll be pampered.

European Honeymooners have already discovered Morocco, and favor it for these very reasons. And though it is exotic, flying time from New York to Casablanca is shorter than to London, or Paris, or even to many Caribbean islands.
If you enjoy exotic surroundings, familiar luxury, sumptuous dining, seaside excursions, swimming, golf, relaxing in a Jacuzzi, sauna or Turkish bath, then come with us, and experience the Royal Pleasures of Morocco.





Honeymoon Morocco, romance in Morocco, adventure tour, honeymoon travel


Moroccan Wedding Bells - II
Cost per couple: $ 5500.00

You may add the" Moroccan Wedding Bells" to
any of the Moroccan tour packages


  • Same as in " Moroccan Wedding Bells" listed above plus :

  • We'll arrange for a belly dancer as part of the Zaffaa and entertainment .
  • Upon the couple's arrival at the restaurant or wedding site :
    Welcome Dekka band, the authentic music from Marrakech , with service of Mint  Tea and Moroccan pastries.
  • Photographer service for one hour and printing up to 100 photos.
  • A souvenir Wedding Photo Album .
  • Traditional Moroccan Wedding present from the groom to the bride: a pair of gold filing ear rings and a sugar cone.
  • Videoing service for the entire event : arrival at the restaurant/site, the vows ceremony or repeating the vows, as well as the zafaa.


Tikida Garden Spa, Spa Vacation, Honeymoon Morocco

Your Honeymoon Wishes Hamam and Spa Vacation in Morocco
Happy to combine with any of our tour packages to Morocco



What others say about our service in Morocco

Lebes (Berber greeting) or sbah ikheer (Arabic for good morning)!

Spring break is about over and it's back to work tomorrow. It will be a shorter week at CAS for me because on Thursday I'll be leaving for the Optimal Match Conference (SPED and Technology) in Rabat. Last year I
attended the conference in Madrid, Spain. I'm eager to see if the teachers from Rome, Paris, and Barcelona who I met last year will be attending this year. It is great to network with other teachers and find out about their programs plus hear about new and innovative strategies. The presenters are from the US.

Paul is currently enroute between Casablanca and Amsterdam with arrival due in the US at about 5:30 tonight and then back to work for him tomorrow. We had a fantastic week of touring and seeing more of
Morocco - a truly remarkable country with beaches, mountains, deserts, and everything in between in a relatively small area. Paul will send from his email account a number of pictures which might give you an idea of
our experiences this past week.

Trekking in the Amizimiz area while seeing the Atlas Mountains with its picturesque landscapes and Berber villages was quite remarkable. Our guide Said served us Moroccan tea and a lamb tagine for lunch in his
home. As you can see from the photo they also decided to dress us up in the typical Berber attire for lunch.

We continued on with the drive through the High Atlas Mountains crossing through the Tizi N' Tichka Pass and descended down through the Draa Valley stopping to see ancient Kasbahs (fortified palaces) and to the
caravan-town of Ouarzazate (movie site of The Mummy, Black Hawk Down, Babel, Syriana, Lawrence of Arabia, etc.). Enroute we stopped to hike up Ait Benhaddou and up the sandstone hill which has been the site for
a variety of movies including Gladiator. People still live in this UNESCO World Heritage village including Uemna and her husband. She invited us in to see her cave dwelling in the side of the hill and shared delicious
home-grown almonds.

Our next two nights were spent in the desert. The first night was at Zagora and in the middle of a sandstorm. Paul thinks that I probably have never been so grouchy upon awaking in the morning after a night spent trying to breathe while attempting to sleep in our nomad Berber tent amongst a haze of blowing sand. I think that the sand is all out of our ears by now. The next night after some fun camel riding we enjoyed a night on the Merzouga Desert in a deluxe tent under the stars.
Both nights we had our own private concert with talented musicians and dancers entertaining us with traditional Gnaouan music and delicious Moroccan cuisine.

It was interesting to study the information displayed on Paul's GPS in the mountains, deserts, etc. In the photo you can see our Moroccan friend and Paul discussing the merits of such equipment. We read in one
of the tour books that it is difficult for tourists to locate their reserved auberges (lodging accommodations) or tent sites and that they are encouraged to call ahead for the GPS coordinates in order to locate the correct place in the Sahara Desert.

Riding out into the golden dunes near Merzouga on camels to see the sunset was so much fun while watching four-wheel-drive vehicles zipping up and down the sand dunes (some in preparation for the Dakar Rally).
All too soon it was time to start the travel back to Casablanca via Fez.
On one of our stops we fed peanuts to the Barbary apes near Ifrane.

Staying in the Riad Dar Al Andalous was an experience of seeing more of the history and culture of Fez. Here we had one more example of the challenges of communication in a foreign country. Paul asked if he should pay for a Coca Cola and before he knew it he was being enthusiastically escorted into the kitchen to meet the 'cook' (Coke).

Living and visiting in an international setting is truly an exciting and stimulating experience.

A week after leaving Casablanca via train we arrived back in Casa with our very informative and helpful driver Hamid. Now, we have the memories and the pictures (and a few souvenirs) to enjoy of this
adventure in another area of incredible Morocco.

Our time in Morocco is fast approaching an end with one last trip
before returning home to Minnesota. At this point we are thinking of exploring more of Spain and the Moroccan coast of the Mediterranean.

M'a ssalama (goodbye - Arabic)

Paul and Dixie



Read Trip Review on Trip Advisor :

reviews: 5“ Travel In Style tours (San Francisco) is fantastic ”
May 27, 4:56 PM
We just completed a month long deluxe trip to Morocco, Egypt and Jordan and used Travel In Style, San Francisco, for all three countries. Their services were extra-ordinary. They work closely with you to tailor the trip to your specifications and are very flexible. In each country we were met promptly at the airport -- in Egypt and Jordan even inside customs! -- by a tour representative and taken to our car for transport to our hotels. Guides and drivers were personable and knowledgeable. When a small glitch arose in Cairo and I e-mailed the local rep and Omar at Travel In Style in San Francisco, the local Cairo rep called me twenty minutes later! Omar had received the e-mail and immediately telephoned the local agency to make sure everything was handled promptly and to our complete satisfaction. We are experienced travelers, but I am still amazed at the level of service we received. Highest recommendations.



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