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Private and Luxury Tour of Arabia

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Famous the world over for their Bedouin ethic of hospitality, Jordan is a gem of the middle east that delights and surprises. Jordan offers the traveler a piece of living history that they can walk through and experience. While the evidence of Jordan's colorful history tantalizes the traveler, it is closer to you than you would think if the only images you have seen of Jordan are in films.

To Travel in Style…

…means to require and enjoy the highest level of customized individual service. We work as your personal concierges, someone you know, arranging the very best private touring in each of your destinations. The hotels we use understand your wish for top comforts and service. Our air-conditioned luxury vehicles appear as private ones, not those marked with tourism logos, so you become part of the local scene. And yet, because of our experience, wide contacts, efficiency and low overhead, we can offer the ultimate in private travel at rates that large travel firms cannot match.

Our small staff and our select foreign representatives take the time to know you and how you wish to travel, and we are available for your questions and assistance every day, at all hours. We watch over your comfort at every stage of your trip.

If you are among those rare travelers who recognize and desire the best in personal touring, travel with us: Travel in Style.

Featured Destination

Our Tours: The best way to see Jordan is to extend your vacation to Egypt, Turkey or Israel and Palestine for either two or three days. Extend your visit on a guaranteed departure basis.

Our visits to the Kingdom of Jordan can be added on to tours to neighboring countries. The hotels we use have been carefully selected to ensure your comfort.

Come with us to explore this country's treasures. We'll visit the Siq, the narrow, winding fissure between sandstone cliffs to the Treasury (that amazing building made so famous in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and the lost city of Petra, carved into the rose red Shara mountains by the Nabateans.

Tours are listed based on number of days:

Petra For Red Sea Cruise Passengers ( One day Private Tour):
Arrive Aqaba. Petra Private Cruise Shore Excursion. To add Wadi Rum to your one day private tour of Petra , please Click here . Private Red Sea Escapades - Port Trips - Cruise Shore Excursions and Luxury Day Tours .

The Desert Castles (4 Days):
From Amman, Jerash, Petra to the Roman & Ummayids Desert Castles. Weekly — year round. Combine with Jerusalem.

Lawrence of Arabia's Jordan (4 Days):
The country that captivated Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones is now yours to explore. We will see the best of Jordan in four days. Add Jerusalem, Israel and Palestine.

Private Tour of Jordan
(4 days):
The Best of Jordan: Amman, Petra and Wadi Rum. Daily arrivals. Arriving from Eilat / Araba / Aqaba? Please click here.

The Best of Jordan
(5 days):
See the top sights in Jordan on this fully escorted tour, including Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum and Jerash, in only 5 days. Tour Jordan Islamic Sites.

Discovery of Arabia
(8 days):
The best value & most comprehensive tour covering the highlights of Jordan, including a home hosted meal with a local family, and of course a trek to the mysterious ruins of Petra in Jordan.
Add camping in Wadi Rum with the bedouin.

Tour Jerusalem and Jordan Islamic Sites
See the top Islamic sites in Jordan and Al Qouds Al Shareef. We'll show you the wonders of fabled Jerusalem and Jordan and the Lost City of Petra on this locally escorted tour. Post Umra Tour , Post Haj Tour of Arabia and Al-Qodus Al-Sharif . Compare with the 9-day Tour of Jordan and Al-Qoudos Al Shareef Islamic Sites


Egypt and Jordan a la Indiana Jones (12 days):
Egypt and Jordan including Petra. Indiana Jones himself couldn't squeeze more adventure into a 12-day journey.

The Best of Egypt and Jordan
( 17 dats):
With The Nile Cruise and Camping in Wadi Rum.
A Grand Egypt and Jordan Adventure :
Here's the best way to see the best of these two gems of the Near East . See the top sights in Egypt : Cairo, Giza and a 5-day cruise along the Nile . Jordan , Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum including camping , Jerash, and the Dead Sea .


Lawrence of Arabia (14 days):
A two-week grand private tour of Jordan, Israel and Palestine.


Border crossing details between Israel, Palestine and Jordan: Allenby Bridge and Sheikh Hussein Bridge.

Jordan's Visa fee will be waived for groups or families with a minimum of 5 paying guests ( please ask us for details) .


" Undercover Tourist "

You’ve heard the expression “fly on the wall.” Well, what would it be like to be a fly on the wall in Cairo, or Morocco, or Jordan? You’d dress in the manner of locals, in a flowing robe. Ladies, we’d help you apply some henna to your hands, and lend you a scarf. Do you have some leather sandals? Put them on! Though running shoes will do in a pinch as local gear

Then it’s off for a walk to a market. Pretty soon, you’ll adjust your gait to your clothing, and shuffle rather than stride. You’ll pick up cues from those all around you. Leave the backpack at your hotel . we’ll hand you a straw basket or cloth bag in which to carry your purchases.

Will you be taken for a local, offered the prices that natives pay, be able to enter unobtrusively and unobserved? Well, let’s just say that you won’t stand out like a tourist in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt with red face and arms bared. You’ll go farther into the local ways than you would have otherwise. When you sit down for a cup of tea with a merchant, you’ll fell more genuinely part of the experience, and bargaining for the best price of a work of art, a rug or a homely teapot will come that much more easily. And just as you learn about different cultures through their food and language and manners, you’ll surprise yourself at how far you get and what you pick up by dressing up in the local manner.

And most of all, it’s fun! We’ll lend you everything you need for a half-day outing. Chances are, you’ll want to buy a robe yourself and set out again on your own. Please book at the time your reserve your tour with us.




Featured Review

Hi Omar,

As our wonderful trip in Egypt is coming to an end I would like to give you some news on my experience so far.

It is amazing we have to worry about nothing. They anticipate everything in advance and are constantly checking with us to see if we need anything more.
They have changed the itinerary when we were too tired and needed down time. They adapted ther style of guiding to suit us. The team is wonderful. There are a few people that stand out for us. Upon arrival we were placed in the wonderful hands of Mohammed Mamdouh, who by the way is from Alexandria. He made all the difference for us from the start of our trip.

We were also invited to his family's place for supper. His cousin Kheida and her sons Tawfik and Mohanet where amazing. They spoilt us like crazy. We really felt honored to be a part of their family for that one night. The kids were also so great that I felt I was with my own nephews. Hedra in Aswan is a young man who is wise beyond his years. We spent two days with him and were sad to let him go. Ashraf is an amazing guide - I have learnt so much from him. I felt I had a brother in Egypt. We laughed so much we didn`t stop laughing and learning about the beauty of Egypt for three days. He took us to Om Kalssoom cafe a typical place for Shisha that was not touristic and we spent time there like old friends. Words are not enough to tell you how much Michael and I got attached to him. Soha our tour guide in Cairo has amazing knowledge. She makes history come alive and watches out for us like a mother over her children. All our drivers where fantastic - my two favorites are the ones in Luxor and on our second trip to Cairo after Luxor - I think his name is Assam - he looked out for us as if he was Horus our protector.

Thank you so much, Omar, for putting these beautiful people in our path through Egypt. It is making my visit back to my homeland extra special.