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Holy Land Grand Tours
Private Tours in Israel Palestine and Jerusalem

The Best of the Middle East for guests who want the best and can afford the best. Everyone wants to go to the holy land. In Israel and Palestine, faith and history are all around you, from the plains of Armageddon (Megiddo) to the Sea of Galilee. We offer Private Tours of Israel and Palestine. For guests who want the best and can afford the best.

Where else can you pray where the patriarchs prayed, walk where Jesus walked, and see where Muhammed began a fabled celestial journey?

It's simply amazing: the Bible becomes your guidebook as you approach the Western Wall of Jerusalem's Temple, crowned by the magnificent Dome of the Rock; or stroll along the Via Dolorosa, now a path through a bustling bazaar, stopping for reflection at the Stations of the Cross.

The hilltop city of Jerusalem is your base for day-trips to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus; Jericho, site of the famous Biblical battle, now a busy Arab town; the Dead Sea, where swimmers bob like corks in the mineral-rich waters; Masada, where a small band of Jewish zealots held off the armies of imperial Rome.

Israel is much more than a place of pilgrimage, of course. Its Mediterranean coast has long sandy beaches and bustling seaside resorts. The Red Sea is among divers' favorite destinations for its abundance of colorful underwater life. Archeological digs are active throughout the country in summer, turning up ever more ancient cities. Whatever your beliefs, Israel is a must-see. Do it with Travel in Style!


Tours are listed based on the number of days in ascending order.

Luxury Private Day Tours in Israel and Palestine
Private Mediterranean Shore Excursions. Arrival Ashdod and Haifa.
Ashdod Port – Jerusalem - Bethlehem or : Ashdod – Masada - Dead Sea and Haifa to tour Tiberias and Nazareth.

Highlights of Palestine and Israel
All in an 8 Day Private Tour. Weekly on Sundays, year round: Tel Aviv, Beersheva, Arad, Massada, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Tiberias, Galilee, Upper Galilee and Golan Heights, Nazareth, Acre, Haifa, and Tel Aviv.

Quick Tour of Israel, Palestine and Jordan (starting in Tel Aviv)
The best way to cover the highlights of Jordan, Israel and Palestine in 9 days: Petra, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and more.

The Splendor of Israel and Palestine: (Private 9 Day Tour)
A Private 9-Day Near East Tour. See the very best of Israel and Palestine in this nine-day tour. Though small in size, Israel looms large in the imagination of every traveler . Weekly year round.
Compare with the 14 Day Private Christian Tour version of the Holy Land.

Quick Tour of Israel, Palestine and Jordan ( Starting Amman)
The Highlights of the Levant and the Near East. Jordan, Palestine and Israel. All in a 10-Day Adventure. If you prefer to start in Jerusalem, please click here.

Highlights of Egypt, Palestine and Israel
All in A 12-Day Adventure Tour. Weekly in Cairo year round. The best way to see the best of Egypt, Israel and Palestine. Cairo, Luxor, Tel Aviv, Beersheva, Arad, Massada, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Tiberias, Galilee, Upper Galilee and Golan Heights, Nazareth, Acre, Haifa, and Tel Aviv. Add a foray into London.

Tour Jerusalm and Jordan Isalmic Sites
See the top Islamic sites in Jordan and Al Qouds Al Shareef. We'll show you the wonders of fabled Jerusalem and Jordan and the Lost City of Petra on this locally escorted tour. Post Umra Tour , Post Haj Tour of Arabia and Al-Qodus Al-Sharif . Compare with the 9-day Tour of Jordan Islamic Sites

The Best of the Near East (14 Days)
The Highlights of the Levant and the Near East. Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Israel. A 14-Day Adventure tour.

From Petra to Bethlehem- Tour The Holyland in Ultimate Luxury and Comfort (A 17-Day Private Tour)
Private 17-day luxury tour of Jordan Israel and Palestine departing whenever you like. Combine with Italy and the Vatican.

Border Crossing Details Between Israel, Palestine and Jordan
Allenby Bridge and Sheikh Hussein Bridge border crossing details.

More Multi-Country Tours Including Israel

Three Country Grand Tour
An 11-Day Private Adventure tour of Israel, Turkey and Greece.
We show you the top sights in these three historic countries awe-inspiring lands of antiquity in a true grand tour.

Biblical Odyssey Tour
A Grand 11 Day Tour of Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Israel. Tour the highlights of the Near East: Cairo, Luxor, Petra, Amman, and Jerusalem.

From Jerusalem to The Nile
This 12 -day tour takes you to Cairo, a Nile cruise as well as the major sites of the Holy Land.

Pilgrimage to Al Qouds Al Shareef and Jordan
A 12-Day Quranic and Islamic Tour. See the top Islamic sites in Jordan and Al Qouds Al Shareef.

Minarets & Menorahs
Here's the best of Egypt and Jerusalem in only 14 days: a good look at Cairo, Jerusalem and a 5-day cruise along the Nile.

The Near East and The Levant
A 24 day In-Depth tour of Egypt, Jordan and a Foray into Jerusalem the true gems of the Levant.

Featured Review

Hi Omar. I'm sorry for the delay in writing to you about the Israel & Jordan trip. It's been crazy since we got back ........ Arrival at Ben Gurion: We were so surprised and thrilled to find someone from the airport waiting for us near our gate, whisking us through all of the security checks and out the side door to our waiting van. We looked at each other and said "if this is how our whole trip is going to be, this is great!!" It was so unexpected and really started us off on the right foot, versus standing in the lines, which is what we had been ready for. Every hotel was great. Thank you for hearing our request and getting us some top-notch accommodations .....

The guide in Jordan was awesome. We loved, loved, loved Ossama. Lots of energy, knowledgeable, offering information all the time. He was very intent on making sure that we enjoyed our visit, saw all of the interesting stuff, got whatever pictures we wanted, and so on. He really wanted us to tell everyone in the U.S. that Jordan was safe and nice to visit. And I have!! :)

In Israel, our guide, Moses, had lots of experience at navigating the sites, always getting us to the front of lines (we didn't have many lines), going in the back way to save time, etc. With a very full agenda, he did a good job of keeping us moving, but if we wanted to stop for another photo or venture off to the side, he was always accommodating. He helped us to choose items from menus, ordered for us at restaurants when necessary and helped us with money situations. We felt very comfortable with him.

we had an amazing trip. I still think of it every day (even two months later). We talk about the trip every week when we go to lunch after church. The agenda was perfect - we saw so many amazing sites that really helped us to relate to our faith. Thank you for being so patient in helping us to plan the itinerary to include every detail that we requested.

I'll be in touch to hopefully plan our trip for next year! :)

D. Johnson