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Greece Tour Packages
Greek Cruise
Tour Greece and Turkey or Greece and Egypt .

The Greek Isles: the name alone breathes romance. Sailing the legendary blue Aegean, finding that deserted stretch of pure sand beach, sundown setting the sky ablaze, starlight, candlelight and bouzouki music for a memorable dinner in a taverna. The question is: which islands? Mykonos, known for romance, exhilarating when you want to be, quiet when you need it. Santorini (Thira), the rim of an ancient volcano, one of the world's favorite islands and, to some, the true Atlantis of legend. Crete, the largest island, civilized for millennia, with snow-capped mountains, a moderate climate, and more than enough to see and do—or not do—for any visit. Travel in Style can help you to decide which islands to visit, where to stay, and how to make your honeymoon or special anniversary yield memories for a lifetime.

Quick Trip to Athens
If you only have a few days, but you want to enjoy Athens and the surrounding region, this is the way. Add this short tour onto any other Travel in Style tour for an even better travel adventure.


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Hellenic Treasures
7 days .Weekly, APR-OCT . Athens, Nauplia, Olympia, Delphi. For those who prefer to explore by land rather than on a cruise, come closer and meet the locals.

Treasures of Athena- 10 Days
An in depth exploration of Greece, a combination of a cruise to the Greek Isles & Turkey. And Athens , as well as 4 day Classical in depth touring of Greece.
Honeymoon in Santorini, Chromata Apartments Santorini
Dana Villa Santorini, honeymoon cruise, greek tour
Aegean Visions Escapade .
10 Days- weekly on Tue Apr thru Oct . Athens.
day Greek cruise to Mykonos, Rhodes, Kusadasi/Ephesus , with a 3 day hotel stay in Istanbul.
Mediterranean Romance - 14 days
Enjoy a Greek Isles Cruise , then
stay in a villa in Santorini. Tour Athens, plus Nauplia, Olympia and Delphi. Weekly.
Triangle of Ancient Lands :
Tour the gems of the East Mediterranean Egypt, Israel , Palestine and Greece . Weekly Year Round (10 Days) .
From Constantinople to Santorini. Having it all:
Istanbul , Ephesus , Athens , Santorini in 11 Days
, add Crete in this 12-day version
Compare with: Athens, Mykonos Naxos, Santorini .

Mediterranean Interlude
Athens, the Greek Isles, and Istanbul 11 Days
The mystery of Istanbul . . . the treasures of Athens . The romance of the Greek isles. What's better than a journey with a cherished companion to one of these prized destination? Why, an interlude that includes all three, of course.
This is a trip tailored to make the most of that special company and unique occasion, be it an anniversary, a honeymoon, or a singular chance to be alone and away. We have selected superior and deluxe hotels notable for their charm, atmosphere, and, of course, fine service. You'll be free to linger late in bed with breakfast brought to your room, stroll the romantic old Plaka district of Athens or frequent a seaside café in Santorini, entirely at your leisure.
Your schedule is your own, without planned group activities or tours.

Treasures of Greece and Anatolia
Come see the wonders of Athens ,Istanbul and Turkey in only 10 or 12 days: Ankara, Cappadocia,Ephesus, Konya, Pamukkale, and Ephesus. Weekly dept. This tour provides an in depth touring in Turkey- Add Rhodes

The Legends of the Greek Isles & The Nile (14 days)
Explore Athens , then go on to cruise the Greek Isles in 4 days & and go on to cruise the Nile weekly . Mar - Nov.
(12 days edition)
, or 11 day without a Nile Cruise.



 Melina and Adrian Honeymoon in Greece With Travel In Style ( slides)

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