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Book Your Greek Isles Honeymoon Vacation
Mediterranean Island Hopping


Young woman enjoys a wellness steam bath in a thermal bath

Add a Turkish Hamam / Spa Experience to your Honeymoon Vacation in Greece of Turkey

Greece is on everyone's short list of must-see places, especially newlyweds. It's simply perfect for a honeymoon or other special-occasion trip: cosmopolitan Athens with its world-class museums, chic clubs, cozy cafes and fine boutiques; cruising among the Greek islands to spectacular Santorini (the legendary Atlantis!), trendy Mykonos, timeless Crete; the brilliant, cloudless days, the salt air, the warm waters of the brilliant blue sea, the picturesque ports with their gleaming white sugar cube houses and lively waterfront bustle.

Friendly people, world-famous cuisine, timeless culture, great sun, sand and sea: it's no wonder that everyone says "You've got to go to Greece!" . Cruise among the legendary Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, cutting through the white-capped blue waves which give the flag of Greece its colors?

It's Travel in Style's kind of place, one of the countries we know and love best. Let us show you how to Travel in Style to Greece!

The Greek Isles: the name alone breathes romance. Sailing the legendary blue Aegean, finding that deserted stretch of pure sand beach, sundown setting the sky ablaze, starlight, candlelight and bouzouki music for a memorable dinner in a taverna. The question is: which islands? Mykonos, known for romance, exhilarating when you want to be, quiet when you need it. Santorini (Thira), the rim of an ancient volcano, one of the world's favorite islands and, to some, the true Atlantis of legend. Crete, the largest island, civilized for millennia, with snow-capped mountains, a moderate climate, and more than enough to see and do—or not do—for any visit. Travel in Style can help you to decide which islands to visit, where to stay, and how to make your honeymoon or special anniversary yield memories for a lifetime.



Island Hopping
Our select island facilities offer privacy, intimacy and outings to villages.
Katikies in Santorini ( supplement applies)
All Inclusive Candia Maris Hotel & Resort in Crete

  Hide Away in the Greek Isles Series

* Santorini , Mykonos, Athens :
   8 days 
 , or
11 day edition , add Syros and Delos Islands

* Santorini, Crete , Athens : 8 days

* Santorini, Mykonos , Athens : 8 days

* Athens & Crete : 8 Days

* Athens, and the 3 most popular Isles :
   Athens, Mykonos , Santorini and Crete
: 2 Weeks

* Athens, Santorini , Crete and Istanbul
   A 14 - Day Under the Mediterranean Sun

* Hide Away in the Greek Isles and a Foray into Croatia
   All in 16 Days
Athens, Santorini and Crete and the highlights of Croatia
   Mostar - Split - Zadar and Sarajevo Osijek – Zagreb
- Plitvice and Dubrovnik .




 Melina and Adrian Honeymoon in Greece With Travel In Style ( slides)

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