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Who has not dreamt of standing at the Acropolis, gazing at the Parthenon, with all of Athens bustling below?

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Greece! This is Travel in Style's kind of place.
Yours too.

Or boarding a boat for a cruise among the legendary Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, cutting through the white-capped blue waves which give the flag of Greece its colors?

Greece is on everyone's short list of must-see places: the mysterious temple of the oracle at Delphi, the beauties of the countryside near Corinth, the rugged terrain of the Peloponnese, the ancient waterfront tower of Thessaloniki.

And of course the delights of Athens, the ancient-modern capital where shiny bank buildings rise beside centuries-old tavernas, and museums boasting priceless examples of timeless art look out upon parks and gardens built by 19th-century kings.

Anyone who goes to Greece must go to sea, as the ancient Greeks did, spreading their language and culture throughout the region. A cruise among the Greek islands is a must: the brilliant, cloudless days, the salt air, the picturesque ports with their gleaming white sugar cube houses and lively waterfront cafes. On any island you're liable to settle into a corner of paradise that's difficult to tear yourself away from. Aegean Cruises . Mediterranean Greek Cruises
ruise among the legendary Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, cutting through the white capped blue waves which give the flag of Greece its colors

The Greek Isles: the name alone breathes romance. Sailing the legendary blue Aegean, finding that deserted stretch of pure sand beach, sundown setting the sky ablaze, starlight, candlelight and bouzouki music for a memorable dinner in a taverna. The question is: which islands? Mykonos, known for romance, exhilarating when you want to be, quiet when you need it. Santorini (Thira), the rim of an ancient volcano, one of the world's favorite islands and, to some, the true Atlantis of legend. Crete, the largest island, civilized for millennia, with snow-capped mountains, a moderate climate, and more than enough to see and do—or not do—for any visit. Travel in Style can help you to decide which islands to visit, where to stay, and how to make your honeymoon or special anniversary yield memories for a lifetime.

Greek Cruise with
A stay at a resort in Crete or a
private Villa in Santorini

Greece is simply perfect for a honeymoon or other special-occasion trip. Escapade to the Romance of the Greek Isles . Start in Athens take in a Cruise . Then relax in a villa in Santorini.

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Greece and Turkey Honeymoon tours

reece is on everyone's short list of must-see places: the mysterious temple of the oracle at Delphi, the beauties of the countryside near Corinth, the rugged terrain of the Peloponnese.
Dana Villa Santorini, honeymoon cruise, greek tour
Honeymoon in Croatia and Greece

Greece Island Hopping . With or without Athens.
Our select island facilities offer privacy,
intimacy and outings to villages.

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Greece and Turkey combined tours . Greece , Turkey and Croatia Tour


Quick Trip to Athens
If you only have a few days, but you want to enjoy Athens and the surrounding region, this is the way. Add this short tour onto any other Travel in Style tour for an even better travel adventure, add a romantic luxury escapade at the Amanzoe Resort . Add Delphi, Nauplia , and Olympia



Hideaway in the Greek Isles : A True Romantic Mediterranean Escapade
In an 11- day Athens . Mykonos . Santorini Escapade



Greece and Turkey combined tours : The best of the Hellenic and Ottoman civilizations. .

Greece and Egypt combined Tour :
Luxury Nile Cruise & The Greek Isle of Santorini: This 12 - day itinerary combines a Nile Cruise of Ancient Egypt with Classical Athens & the romance of the honeymoon Greek Isle of Santorini


Family Friendly Greece
Land of the blue Aegean Sea . . .of the ancient Acropolis and Parthenon . . . of sun-drenched, whitewashed villages . . . and families! Yes, Greece is Europe's premier destination not only for sophisticated travellers, but also for wise grownups who know where to make the most of an escape with the kids. We'll find you a cruise or secluded villa on Santorini or Crete or Mykonos, with ample bedrooms for the entire family. Go fishing, sailing, or beach combing. Eat in, venture to a sea-view café, or enjoy fine dining. And take advantage of kids' programs for an intimate break. Rates are family-friendly and Travel in Style makes it easy by seeing to all the arrangements. Contact us for details.
The Currency in Greece is the Euro and all major Credit Cards are accepted in most hotels, major restaurants, yet in small cafes , you may find that you can only use cash , same applies to small shops . Stickers in the front windows of each establishment will announce to you as to which cards are acceptable.

 Melina and Adrian Honeymoon in Greece With Travel In Style ( slides)

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