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Four Season Hotel Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
Resort Spa

Compare with the Spa Treatment and experience at the Four Seasons First Residence in Cairo



Four Seasons defines the essence of a superb honeymoon. As a destination setting, for just you two, or your whole party, we make weddings and honeymoons seamless and inspiring. For your first night, we offer a retreat of peace and comfort - with a smooth start for your trip to another Four Seasons honeymoon setting. Or for your honeymoon with us, we can help you craft every unforgettable detail.

First visit to Rome.
She Turned Heads. The Senate was not amused

Cleopatra visited Rome in 46 BC, was received in triumph, and moved into Caesar's villa even though Caesar was already married. Caesar's imperial ambitions and his indiscreet extramarital affair with Cleopatra turned powerful senators against him, and he was murdered on the steps of the Senate in March of 44 BC.

Hotel Cairo at The First Residence
Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


Combine with a stay at the Former Royal Guest House El Salamlek Palace in Alexandria
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Compare with The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Cairo . An Oases of Luxury overlooking the Nile



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Cleopatra's First visit to Rome
She Turned Heads. The Senate was not amused

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Her Majesty Queen Nefertiti Turns Egypt Upside Down!!

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