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Vacation and Tour programs in Egypt
11 days and longer



To the kings and queens of ancient Egypt, the Nile was the River of Life, the source of fertility and wealth. Today the Nile remains a river of fascination, an endless source of romance, pleasure and discovery.

  Honeymoon  romance  in Aswan
Come with us to explore where Pharaohs Akhenaton and Queen Nefertiti worshipped the Sun. They built great temples and pyramids along its banks, and cruised its placid waters in graceful gilded boats.

To European explorers the Nile was the river-road to adventure. They sailed from Alexandria and Cairo on swift white-sailed feluccas, penetrating deep into the heart of Africa.

In that same spirit of discovery, our tours and cruises range from quick stopovers in Cairo through five-day Nile voyages to a 14-day adventure which shows you all of Egypt's important sights. Some of our most popular Egyptian adventures are described in this section. Come with us for the greatest adventure tours of Egypt and North Africa !

In Search of Ancient Kingdoms
An 11-day
adventure including an eight-day Nile cruise. See the Pyramids , Abu Simbel Temples and even more timeless temples along the Nile in luxury fit for a Pharaoh.
Weekly year round.

Honeymoon on the  Nile

Spiritual Journey to:

The Land of the Pyramids : 11 Days

Join us for a spiritual encounter in Egypt, where tradition, history, powerful sites, and mystic energy unite as nowhere else.

Women Tours, Egyptian Villager,Spiritual tour

Egypt on a Yacht :
Dahabiya Nile Cruise and Tour : An 11 -Day Adventure Nile Cruise :
Tour Egypt The Way Ramses , Nefertiti and Cleopatra did
Cairo , Luxor, Aswan, Edfu and Kom Ombo .
Add the red sea and Sharm El-Sheikh resort and combine with a one week deluxe Dahabiya sailing on the Nile . Add Abu Simbel Temples Private Tour . Honeymoon wishes , perfect for couples , honeymooners, families, great for families with children , and great as well for small group and parties. And your resident English Speaking guide on board of course available at all times.

1001 Egyptian Nights
(12 Days)
Egypt in all its variety, a camel caravan,a sail on a traditional Pharaonic style boat, a 5 day Nile Cruise. From the wonders of the Great Pyramids to the unspoiled beaches of the Red Sea and Abu Simbel.



The Nubian Queen (12 Days)
This shows you Cairo,Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan, and includes a five-day adventurous luxury cruise on Lake Nasser to Abu Simbel.
Experience Egypt one way by air within Egypt, then return by the deluxe sleeper train - ( private compartments).

Egyptian Oasis Adventure

The search continues for the tomb of Alexander the Great . Here are all the splendors of Egypt, from the magnificence of the pharaohs to the glory of Alexandria to desert oases and the triumph of El Alamein. These itineraries includes the major Western Sahara Egyptian desert oases and a Nile cruise, of course, plus the attractions that most visitors miss.


Egypt - Beyond the Veil
Women Of the Nile - The Power of ISIS
Insights for Women Travelers
Come with us to meet Egypt's women, see how they live, share meals with them, and go beyond misconceptions- beyond the veil, weekly departure, year round.

Egyptian Wonders (14 Days)
Our deluxe tour of Cairo and the Nile gives you an in-depth look at all the wonders of Egypt in 14 days: truly Travel in Style. Including the famous Dahshour Pyramids filed that was closed to the public for half a century.


A once in a lifetime experience: Add a private tour
and private opening of
Seti I - The Mighty Pharaoh's Tomb ( not open to the general public)

Great Nile Cities Cruise:

This 15-day tour shows you the best of Cairo, as well as the Nile's other great cities - Luxor, Thebes, Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan - on a five-day Nile cruise. With a 3 day break on the beach in Sharm at the end of the tour, including a climb Mount Sinai. Meet the locals : Enjoy a home hosted meal


Honeymoon and  wedding in Egypt


The Queen for whom the sun shines :
Private Tour of Queen Neferatri's Tomb
We rise very early in the morning to be able to secure entry to the recently restored tomb of her Majesty Queen Nefertari, wife of the mighty Pharaoh Ramses the Great , limited to the first 100 visitors.

Long before Cleopatra humbled the ruler of Rome, an Egyptian queen held power over the heart and soul of Ramses, Egypt's greatest pharaoh. In the 12th century BC, a brokenhearted Ramses built a grand funerary tomb for Queen Nefertari, "the Beautiful one," in the Valley of the Queens. It's been exquisitely restored with the aid of an American endowment, and is among the rarest sights in all Egypt: the only great tomb ever built by a pharaoh for his late queen. Artistically, it is the closest thing you could ever come to see the original Ancient Egyptian art in all of its glory and finesse.

Because of its fragile nature, only a limited number of visitors are allowed entry each day. We are the only company to include a visit to Nefertari's tomb in our daily program. Because of the limited access we must rise early for our visit, appropriate as Ramses named Nefertari "the one for whom the sun shines."


Flights , cruises, may not always operate on time, and are subject to last minute changes , delays, and/or cancellation, if you are ready to enjoy travelling to the Middle East / Near East , North Africa , then you should be ready for such possibilities




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And trip Review Traveling Egypt

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Jordan , Turkey and Egypt Tour

-----Original Message-----
From: K.L. Vinci []
Sent: Friday, November 14 / 01:38 PM
Subject: Re: Vinci - How was your trip with us - Oct


Greetings Omar!

I actually read your lovely note while in Petra, but was scooting out the door with no time to reply. (Which sums up the whirlwind of our two week holiday) :-) And then I flew home with the headcold that wouldn't end, so it's taken a bit longer to catch up than I expected.

What an incredible trip it was! It all went by in such a blur. Though I think some of that was due to many nights of little sleep :-) I think next time I'm going to remember that trying to see 2 months worth of sites in 2 weeks isn't a wise idea.


We've fallen in love with Istanbul, and the Arena Hotel. The dining staff in the hotel restaurant were one of the fondest memories if that city.

Egypt left us with a feeling of awe. So much history, so much to see, such friendly people we met. Sakkara Travel was above and beyond expectations. All of the service was wonderful, as were all of our reps, drivers and guides. Our Reps in Cairo and Aswan (Ahmed and Wahleed) were beyond fabulous, and we're specially going to miss them and our guide Maha and driver Mohammed as well. The whole crew just seamlessly sailed us thru everything, so we never needed to have a moments worry or problem. I wish my life was that carefree at home!

Jordan was such a change from Egypt, and our driver there, Nahzee (never got the right spelling), really made our stay there perfect. He was a real delight. We had a little confusion with our guide in Petra, since I wasn't aware he was only there for 3 hours and just wasn't ready for lunch at 10:30, but he ended up waiting for us to come back down from the rest of the hike thru Petra anyway, and we found him again in the restaurant eventually. So it all worked out in the end.

So we're back home and sorting thru our 4200+ photos now. That should keep us busy for the next year or two. :-)

Thank you for all your effort to ensure our trip was one we'd always remember.
This was certainly the trip of a lifetime, and to add extra sweetness, all of our friends and family are jealous of the great time we had. We couldn't have done it without you!




Camel ride  Giza Egypt . Photo credit  Len Vinci
Camel Ride - Cairo and Giza . Egypt . Photo credit: Len Vinci



Douglas Gerwin, Ph.D., is Director of the Center for Anthroposophy, including Chair of its Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program, and Co-Director of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. Himself a Waldorf graduate, Dr. Gerwin has taught for 30 years at university and high school levels in subjects including biology and history. He is editor of four books related to Waldorf education –– For the Love of Literature: A Celebration of Language and Imagination; Genesis of a Waldorf High School; The Andover Proceedings: Tapping the Wellsprings of Health in Adolescence; And Who Shall Teach the Teachers: The Christ Impulse in Waldorf Education –– as well as author of various articles on adolescence and the Waldorf curriculum. Most recently he co-authored Survey of Waldorf Graduates, the first comprehensive look at how North American Waldorf graduates fare in college and beyond. With his wife Connie, Dr. Gerwin traveled to Egypt in November 2009 as part of a sabbatical project to study the mythological background of embryology and the earliest origins of human sexuality. He offered the following comments on his trip, which was organized by Travel in Style .com




"I have to say that it was everything that you had promised and more. Absolutely everyone we met or had any contact with were kind, polite and down right friendly! "

"" Hi Omar,
How are you? It is with great pleasure that we reminisce our Egyptian trip. How can one not, with your courteous service and impeccable planning? We tell our family/friends that if they ever want to travel anywhere in the world they must do it with "Travel in Style." They ask for the reasons. We say, "You have to experience the personal attention, thorough knowledge of the guides and prompt service to know why you excel in travel planning.
M. W. Pa , USA "

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