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Private Mediterranean
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Private Cruise Shore Excursion

Luxor Private Guided Tour From Safaga on the Red Sea

Luxor Private Guided Tour
From Safaga on the Red Sea

Combine with your Princess Cruise, Louise Cruise, Oceanic Cruise, Crystal Cruise, Royal Caribbean or other Mediterranean cruises. If you have only a short time, this is the perfect way. Your few hours in Egypt are filled with exotic sights, sounds, scenes and scents.

Arrive on ANY Cruise Ship. This is the perfect addition to your Mediterranean cruise. Extensions are available to Aswan, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurgada, Marsa Alam, and Nile Cruises.

More cruise Shore Excursions: Barcelona, Cairo, Greece, or Turkey. Compare with the four day Al-Alamein and Alexandria private escapade.

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Luxor Shore Excursion From Safaga on the Red Sea
(you may start as well from Cairo, or Alexandria)

Private Deluxe Mini Coach: Toyota (Mercedes, Lexus and such sedans are not advisable in Upper Egypt(tourist sites) due to the terrain, particularly on the West Bank in Luxor)

Rate per person Air conditioned mini-coach: $315.
Minimum required: 2 guests

Rate per person Air conditioned mini-coach $260.
Minimum required: 4 guests

Rate per person Air conditioned mini-coach $170.
Minimum required: 6 guests

Prefer to extend your stay and spend the night in Luxor? please click here.

Expected departure time from Safaga: 9 AM
The drive from Safaga to Luxor is about 3 Hours (225 kilometers). The road between Safaga and Luxor is designated as a "Desert Road", by law, all tourists must be escorted by Police. We will be waiting for the guest in the port with a private guide and sedan.

The west bank at Luxor is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.

Valley of the Kings
The Valley contains 62 tombs to-date, excavated by the Egyptologists and archaeologists from many countries. Not all of the tombs belonged to the king and royal family. Some tombs belonged to privileged nobles and were usually undecorated. Not all the tombs were discovered intact, and some were never completed.

Time permitting we include 3 Royal Tombs of our Ancient Pharaohs. King Tut's (Tutankhamen); Hatshepsut, the first Queen to rule as a Pharaoh of Egypt Name: Ma'at-ka-Ra Hatshepsut; Ma'at-ka-Ra whose name means Truth/Order/Balance ("Ma'at") is the Spirit/Double ("ka") of Ra' Hatshepsut — 'Foremost of Noble Women'.

Although not only is the female ruler of Egypt, Ma'at-ka-Ra Hatshepsut (18th Dynasty) one of the best known (next to Cleopatra). She managed to rule for about twenty years, before disappearing from history — coinciding with Thuthmose III's becoming Pharaoh in his own right.

We will also stop by the Memnon colossi before we head to the mighty Karnak Temple complex — just imagine 20 Vatican's put together. We will stand in awe before the gigantic Great Temple of Amon at Karnak, then on to the smaller yet most charming Temple of Luxor, dedicated to Amon-Ra. Lunch is included at one of the deluxe hotels restaurants.

Back to Safaga around 6 PM. If you prefer to spend the night in Luxor, please click here.


  • Private air conditioned mini-coach
  • Private English (or other language of your preference) speaking guide
  • All admissions, taxes, service charges
  • Lunch - the menu is pre-set but a variety of choices are available

Rate doesn't include:

  • Any International air fare.
  • Any visa Fee
  • Trip/travel insurance
  • Tips
  • Personal Expenses
  • Any Beverages
  • Hotel accommodation
Featured Review

The company name says it all: Travel in Style

I have made two trips to the Middle East, both through Travel in Style. The first to Cairo, Giza, and a Nile Cruise; the second, to Alexandria and Petra in Jordan. Any travel agent can provide adequate bookings for such trips. However, for expert, thorough, and exceptional service, you need to work with Omar Zaher at Travel in Style. He visits his native Egypt yearly to keep abreast of tourism and tourist destinations in that area of the world and to remain intimately familiar with the countryside, the sites, and the local transportation and certified guide companies. You must take advantage of the additional amenities offered by Travel in Style: complete hotel bookings, day excursions, private guide and transportation, and site tickets. As well, you are met and transferred from airports, hotels, and ships by company representatives who take care of all luggage. This super Travel-in-Style package is THE way to go. Additional cost is modest, whereas the benefits are tremendous and will be much appreciated by you. Very importantly, I made all arrangements via e-mail, some regular mail, and a very few phone calls to the San Francisco office. Members of the TIS staff are very friendly, as well as knowledgeable, efficient, and accommodating. They develop a sincere relationship from the start. You collaborate with people who truly care about you as a person – not just a client. Hence, you have an easy, superb, trouble-free experience of arranging for and then experiencing the extraordinary and timeless wonders of the Middle East.

RJ from the Central Valley