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Imagine cruising the fabled Nile in ultimate luxury. Cruise Egypt's timeless Nile in luxury on board the best boats on the Nile.

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Mövenpick Feddya Dahabiya:
A unique way to cruise the Nile

The Mövenpick Feddya Dahabiya is a boutique sailboat sailing the river Nile between Luxor and Aswan, offering fantastic shore excursions to explore the ancient Egyptian wonders. With only four suites onboard the Feddya, it is the closest experience to having your own private yacht - an exclusive and new concept for cruising the river Nile.

Sonesta Dahabiya and Yacht on the Nile

Grand Ultra Deluxe 5 Stars Dahabiya Nile Cruises
Air Conditioned Dahabiyas or Felucca


Sonesta Ultra Deluxe Dahabiya - Nile Cruise Yachts

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M/S Misr - A Royal Dahabiya

Built for King Farouk - Egypt's Last King - towards the end of the nineteenth century. It is not a re-creation of the grand era but the real thing.

His Majesty King Farouk 's Steamship: Misr (Egypt) offers 16 state room and 8 suites

Now you can live the luxury, amenities and style of days gone by aboard the steamship Misr. Built for the Royal Navy towards the early years of the twentieth century (1918) implementing for the first time Stevenson Link reversing system for a vertical steam engine.

The steamer was purchased and later converted into a luxury Nile steamer for King Farouk. Not a re-creation of this grand era but the real thing. Lovingly restored, it is among the last of its kind to cruise the great river. You'll cruise – as princes, kings, ambassadors and royal retainers once did – to ancient temples and villages bypassed by time.

One of the invitations cards found on board read "On the occasion of celebrating the birthday of his majesty King Farouk I, The governor of Cairo requests the honor of your company on board the Misr Nile Steamer at 08 P.M. on February the 10th, 1939".

The name of that Nile Steamer ship "Misr" is the Arabic for Egypt and the interior decor reflects the style of the period with each cabin having its own individual style. Each sailing is limited to a maximum of 45 guests. The steamer is about 63 meters long and offers 24 cabins including 8 suites. All are fully air-conditioned, and all come with private facilities. Each stateroom has a large panoramic window. The steamer offers eight suites (the suites are very much in demand) and are offered on a first come, first serve basis. We regret that we do not offer a waiting list for the suites. Average square meter space for the cabin is about 18 - 20 square meters. Suites are about 30 square meter.

Compare with other Royal Dahabiyas the Dongola Photo Gallery and the Zarafa (Giraffe) built for Sultan Hussein Kamel, King Fouad's Father

Royal Dahabiyas on the Nile
Zarafa (Giraffe) Deluxe Dahabiya Nile Cruise

Previously owned by His Majesty Sultan H. Kamel The First Sultan of Egypt after Egypt's independence from the Ottoman Empire after WWI)

Add a private tour of Her Majesty Queen Nefertari's Tomb - The Best Preserved in all of Egypt

Compare with deluxe Dongola former Royal Felucca Photo Gallery

Rihana Deluxe Dahabiya
Oum Kalthoum Dahabiya and Yacht

Available For Private Cruises and Charter

Featured Review

Dear Omar:
We are now home for nearly a week and still basking in the glow of our extraordinary trip to Egypt. Thank you, Omar, for your wonderful arrangements, from first to last. Among our first reflections:

1. Ground staff: All were excellent -- reliable, on time, cordial, efficient, attentive to our needs. One in particular merits special mention: Mohamed Mamdouh, who met us on arrival at Cairo Airport and shepherded us through our days in the Egyptian capital, was exceptional in his services. He waited patiently for us the first night, despite our late arrival and slow progress through immigration, made sure each detail of our itinerary was smoothly and flawlessly executed, personally accompanied us on each transfer, even if it meant simply shepherding us on foot to a restaurant in walking distance of our hotel. But much more than that: he was a genial talking partner, thoughtful and generous in his insights and observations, and by the end of our trip a trusted friend. He brought the human dimensions of Egypt to life for us. We gladly accepted his offer to meet his family for supper at his home as part of our here to read entire review