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Egypt on a Dahabiya Yacht

A Grand 17-Day Honeymoon Wishes tour of Egypt

Here's the best of Egypt : a good look at Cairo, the Red Sea , Sharm El Sheikh
and a one week Deluxe air-conditioned
Yacht cruise along the Nile and the Abu Simbel temples in Nubia

Boarding The cruise in either Luxor or Aswan

Honeymoon cruise, cruise on boardthe Royal Cleopatra , sailing boat royal cleopatra




DAY 1 - CAIRO -Wednesday - Weekly in Cairo , year round - VIP Meet & Greet Service at Cairo Airport
Our local representative greets you at the airport and whisks you to your hotel. VIP Meet & Greet Service at Cairo Airport.
Visa fee is included and will be issued upon arrival at Cairo Airport for : Australian, NZ, American, EU , Canadian & Japanese citizens. You are responsible for having your passport in order valid at least for 6 month beyond the date of your arrival in Cairo.

Visa will be issued upon arrival. As you exit the gate, you will pass through a door or two , down some stairs , then walk for 2-5 minutes , until you pass the duty free shops, at the end of a wide corridor , you will see the security officers. There you will be met by a local representative, who will be holding a sign with your name .
Our local representative will then take your passport to obtain a stamp from the cashier / bank window and escort you to speak with the passport officer. He will escort you through another last check on your passport as you exit the passport control, into customs area, he will assist you in collecting your luggage and clearing customs . After exiting the terminal, our local representative will escort you (private vehicle) to the hotel

Welcome fruit basket & Egyptian pastry awaits you in your room with our compliments. Sample Hotels or similar : Cairo Marriott , Hilton , Cairo Conrad, InterContinental Hotels or similar

Upgrade to the Four Seasons Hotel or the Mena House Oberoi ( Palace wing) , ok to mix and match stay between Four Seasons and Oberoi Mena House hotels , rates as listed below.




DAY 2 - CAIRO - Thursday (BL)
On your first full day in Egypt we show you the Egyptian Museum including the " Mummies Room" .
Lunch is included at a local restaurant .
On to Al-Azhar Park and El Darb El-Ahmar , then the Citadel of Saladin, and Mohammed Ali Mosque, made of alabaster, then wander through the alleys of the charming Khan El-Khalili Bazaar district.

The Agha Khan Development Network The Azhar Park Project in old Islamic Cairo and the Conservation and Revitalization of Darb al-Ahmar historical treasures . Complimentary Dinner is included at a local home:
Meet the locals
you may wish to bring token gifts to exchange with the host family ( T shirt , small souvenirs of your home town):
This evening we'll venture where few ordinary visitors ever tread . . . right into the homes of some of the people of Cairo ! You'll be invited to a family dinner, and while you enjoy wholesome home-cooked specialties, you'll learn about and appreciate the outlook, aspirations, and way of life of your hosts. Be assured, as curious as you may be about your new friends, they're sure to have questions about your own background. Once the ice is broken, you'll enjoy a lively evening, and find that you have more in common than you ever suspected. Of course, you may enjoy a quiet evening with your travel companions, by letting us know your preferences.




DAY 3 - CAIRO- GIZA - Friday (BL)
Today we drive to the edge of Cairo , we are now in Giza , stand in awe in front of the Sphinx , and the mighty Pyramids of Giza, complimentary short Camel ride is included, to allow you a photo with the Pyramids in the background, time is limited , so please do not go for what the camel driver tries to convince you , i.e. go for a long ride around the Pyramids . Lunch is included at the Mena House , afternoon tour of Memphis and Sakkara , including the Step Pyramid and the Nobles Mastabas.




Day 4 - Saturday
- Cairo to Luxor and board your deluxe air conditioned Felucca
Very early morning breakfast and transfer to Cairo Airport. Flight is included in our rate, in economy class , tax included . Morning arrival at Luxor . We'll meet you at the airport , and escort you to your deluxe air conditioned Nile cruise felucca or dahabiya , Board Luxor ( or Aswan ) . Get ready for a relaxing week sailing the Nile on a luxuriously appointed Dahabiya

After lunch, excursion to the West Bank for visits to the burial places of the Pharaohs - the Valley of the Kings - where Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922. Continue to the adjacent Valley of the Queens, the temple of Medinet Habu and the Colossi of Memnon. Overnight moored on the Nile banks of Luxor. Sample Deluxe Felucca / Dahabiya :
Sonesta Dahabiya , Rihana , or similar

Day 5 - Sunday - Luxor - On board your Yacht Nile Cruise
You will visit the magnificent temple complex of Amon-Ra at Karnak, with its vast hypostyle hall of 137 columns, followed by the imposing 28 th Dynasty Luxor Temple. Overnight moored in Luxor.




Day 6 - Monday - Luxor to Esna - On board your Yacht Nile Cruise (BLD)
Today will be a leisurely day. After breakfast, commence sailing to Esna where your Dahabiya will moor



Day 7 - Tuesday - Edfu - On board your Yacht Nile Cruise (BLD)
This morning you will sail to Edfu to visit the wonderfully preserved Temple of Edfu. Overnight on board as we will look for an island in the middle of the Nile where we moor.



Day 8 - Wednesday - Kom Ombo - On board your Yacht Nile Cruise (BLD)
Today you will sail to Kom Ombo visit see the Ptolemaic temple dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon-headed Horus, god of the morning sun. Overnight moored beside a Nile island.



Day 9 - Thursday - Aswan - On board your Yacht Nile Cruise (BLD)
A leisurely day sailing to Aswan where the dahabiya moors overnight . In the evening our local guide will call on you once again for a horse-drawn carriage ride throughout Aswan and the local souks.



Day 10- Friday - Aswan - On board your Yacht Nile Cruise (BLD)
Today you will visit the Aswan High Dam (completed in 1971); the Old Dam (completed in 1902) and the ' unfinished obelisk', lying in situ since the days of the Pharaohs. You will also visit the Philae Temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, a structure rescued from the rising waters of Lake Nasser at the time of the High Dam's construction
, in the afternoon we'll have the opportunity to experience Egypt at its most authentic, as we sail the Nile in a graceful Felucca, the age-old sailing vessel of the river to visit Elephantine Island and the Botanical Garden .

For nature lovers we include a tour of the Botanical Garden Island in Aswan ( while others will simply have you sail around the island without setting foot on it !), then we go on to Gharb Sehail and tour some of the mini nature protected Islands in the middle of the Nile with sandy beaches and beautiful rare plants .



Day 11- Saturday - Aswan - Abu Simbel - Aswan (BL)
Breakfast aboard the dahabiya and check-out.

We bid farewell to the crew, we switch transportation modes and head for Aswan Airport and your flight to Abu Abu Simbel , where you private guide awaits you , as well as your own private chauffeur and private air-conditioned vehicle

In the larger temple, colossal figures of Ramses are seated with the gods and attended by his queen and daughters. The smaller temple is dedicated to Queen Nefertari, who appears as Hathor, the goddess of love, joy and fertility, symbolized by the benevolent cow. We explore these fine temple , admiring their ancient aura and artistry, after which retire to a comfortable hotel for our lunch , and refreshments. Then fly back to Aswan and the Mövenpick Aswan Hotel or similar ( we will be using the Old Cataract as well , as soon as it reopens. Remainder of the day at leisure in Aswan



Sample Deck Plan of  the four  Dahabias


You will have a private air-conditioned vehicle
private chauffeur and private guide all the way except while on board the Dahabiya ,
you will be part of the small group on board
( for a private guide on board the cruise, please add $ 250 USD per person)







Day 12 - Sunday - Aswan - Fly back to Cairo and connect to Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurgada
( based on your preference)
Breakfast and check-out.
Fly back to Cairo , where our local rep. will be waiting for you and assist with the transfer to the connecting flight to Sharm El Sheikh or Hurgada ( please advise your preference ) . Air fare is always included : in business class ( when available based on the plane's configuration) with all taxes.

Hotels Deluxe category :
Sharm El Sheikh : Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh, Sonesta , Hilton , Mövenpick or similar.

Hotels: Ultra Deluxe Category :

Sharm El Sheikh: Four Seasons or the Ritz ( Deluxe Suite- with private plunge pool )
Hotels : Hurgada : Sahl Hasheesh Oberoi ( Suite)



Honeymoon vacation in Sharm El Sheikh


DAY 13 - Sharm El-Sheikh , Monday (cB)
The day is yours to enjoy this unique desert beach resort. Relax by the cerulean waters, take a camel ride at your option
, and observe in the distance the steady line of ships heading to and from the Suez Canal.
Sunset Camel Caravan or on Horse Backs :
A one hour caravan on camels, if you prefer to enjoy a one hour of horse back riding, please do let's know, but in this case the horse ride will not be into the Sahara . The camel caravan is fully escorted & guided as well by local Bedouins through the desert and through the mountain passes of El Aat mountain , we stop at the highest point in the valley for a cup of tea with the Bedouin, take in the the evening charm of the desert & nature before we head back to your hotel.

Four Seasons Sharm El-Sheikh : Deluxe One-Bedroom Suite
Ideal for families travelling together or for private entertaining, Deluxe One-Bedroom Suites provide outstanding space for privacy and relaxation. Each suite features its own terrace with a private plunge pool, and partial views of the Red Sea and Resort courtyards and pathways.

The One-Bedroom Suite features a private plunge pool on its own terrace, furnished with a table and chairs, coffee table and built-in love seat.
The elegant living room offers a sofa bed, separate closet and an entertainment centre with a television, DVD player and stereo system with CD player.
The bedroom offers a king bed, a "Bose" Wave radio/CD player with MP3 player connection, a 107-centimetre (42-inch) LCD flat-screen television and a walk-in dressing room with ample closet space.
The marble bathroom features a deep soaking tub, separate glass-enclosed shower, large vanity and WC; a guest powder room with shower is located off the living

Honeymoon vacation in  Sharm El Sheikh at the Four Seasons Hotel

Enjoy your deluxe suite with a private plunge pool at the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh



DAY 14 - Sharm El Sheikh, Snorkel or Dive ( included) - Tuesday (B)
The Red Sea just off "Sharm" is replete with fascinating coral and aquatic species unique to this area. With our compliments , please enjoy exploring these wonders as you snorkel or scuba dive (for which proof of certification is a must, 2 dives are included at Ras Muhamed underwater reserve )



DAY 15 - Sharm El Sheikh - Wednesday (BLD)
After breakfast join us for a half day tour to the Pharaoh's Island, with lunch.
Saladin’s Castle and Pharaoh’s Island

Just off the Sinai along the northern reaches of the Gulf of Aqaba lies one of the more curious and scenic locales in this part of the world.

The rulers of the Nile might once have held sway over these rocks and sand and water of Pharaoh’s Island (or Coral Island, or Geziret Faroun). More certain is that Crusaders established an outpost here, on the site of a onetime Phoenician port, and erected a castle in 1115 A.D. to protect pilgrims on the way to St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai wilderness. The island did double duty as a base from which to attack Arab traders, which led to its capture by Saladin (or Salah El-Din). The legendary Arab leader strengthened the fortifications, and his name remains attached to the castle. Later, it was a Mameluke and Ottoman outpost.

We’ll have a treasured half-day opportunity to board a boat to visit this rarely seen fortress island. We’ll motor northward from Sharm El Sheikh, following the rocky coast, passing Bedouin travelers on camels, and secluded beaches, with occasional sightings of desert foxes. At Dahab or Nuweiba, we’ll embark for our short crossing to the island.

Once ashore, we’ll wander through the precincts of the reconstructed castle, with its courtyard, storerooms, galleys, and dining rooms, and appreciate the natural harbor that made this such a coveted outpost. And we’ll take in the unusual offshore vista of the breathtaking azure waters of the Gulf, backdropped by the grandeur of the mountains of Sinai and a cloudless sky.

Then, at your option, you can don scuba or snorkeling gear for a close encounter with the world-famous underwater life of coastal Sinai: corals, reefs, and schools of fish in every gradation of the rainbow, before we return to our lodgings at Sharm El Sheikh.

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Enjoy a seaside resort experience unparalleled in the Middle East. Superb dining, spa, fitness, diving and sports – and luxurious guest rooms clustered like a hillside village above the shimmering drama of the Red Sea.

Dinner is included at a charming local restaurant .


DAY 16 - Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo - Thursday (B)
Breakfast and check-out, fly back to Cairo ( business class ) and your hotel.

Breakfast is always included daily at your hotel. Fly back to Cairo and your hotel .
Hotels :Deluxe : J. W. Marriott , Sonesta Cairo ( Suite) . Nile Hilton , Cairo Conrad or Grand Hyatt or similar , or of course upgrade to the Ultra Deluxe : Four Seasons Hotel or the Mena House Oberoi ( Palace wing) , ok to mix and match stay between Four Seasons and Oberoi Mena House hotels , rates as listed below.


DAY 17 - CAIRO/ Departure - Friday
Our representative escorts you to the airport for your homeward flight. Bon Voyage.

Please click here for
the Dahabiyas Photo Gallery .
Add Alexandria. All the dahabiyas are available for private charter.


Rate Year Round ( Except Holiday season): Armonia Dahabiya , Sonesta Dahabiya or similar

Rates are per person in USD $

Rate per person in triple : $ 5301.
Rate per person in double : $ 5515.
Rate per person in single : $ 7880.
Flying in economy class within Egypt.

Peak Season :    Easter ( 2 weeks ) , Christmas and New Year ( 2weeks) : Please add % 15 to the listed rates.



Ultra Deluxe Rates are in USD $ Rates are PER Person

Sonesta Dahabiya, Armonia Dahabiya or similar

Based on Four Seasons Hotel Nile View in Cairo , Executive suite with Sofa Bed
or Mena House Palace Section, Pyramid view room ( subject to availability)
Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh
Flying Business Class within Egypt

Rates are per person in USD $

Rate per person in triple : $ 7410.
Rate per person in double : $ 7660 .
Rate per person in single : $ 9580.


Peak Season :    Easter ( 2 weeks ) , Christmas and New Year ( 2weeks) : Please add % 15 to the listed rates.

For the First Class - Four stars Rates Please Click Here.

Rate Includes:

  • Nile cruise shore excursions with all the guided sightseeing including all entrance fees, all as per itinerary .

  • Private Egyptologist and private car/driver for Cairo and Abu Simbel tours as listed including all entrance fees and lunch.

  • All meals on board the DELUXE Felucca / Yacht / Dahabiya Nile cruise : Pre set meals as listed including B = Breakfast, (or cB, Continental Breakfast), L = Lunch, D = Dinner

  • Tea/ coffle and afternoon tea while on board the Deluxe Nile Cruise

  • All airfares within Egypt in "Y" class including tax as listed, for the " Ultra Deluxe ": Four Seasons and Mena House category , it is in business class within Egypt .

  • Private air conditioned car /driver for all transfers within Egypt.

  • Deluxe hotel accommodation with tax & service charges.

  • Accommodation in a private cabin : Double or single on board The Dahabia / Felucca / Yacht Nile Cruise with all meals and shore excursions ( there is no triple occupancy cabin on board )

  • VIP Meet & Greet At Cairo Airport
    Our representative greets you at the airport and whisks you to your hotel. Visa will be issued upon arrival at Cairo Airport ( photos are not required ) .
  • Egyptian Visa will be issued for a limited number of citizens such as : American, Australian, NZ , EU , Canadian , EU Singaporean and Japanese citizens ,You are responsible for having your passport in order valid at least for 6 month beyond the date of your arrival in Cairo. Our local rep. meets with a sign that carries your name, and will be waiting for you with the prepaid visa stamps to proceed to the passports control to stamp your passports, then you claim your luggage, after you clear the passport and customs formalities and exiting the terminal, our local representative will escort you (private vehicle) to the hotel . Welcome fruit basket & Egyptian pastry awaits you in your room in Cairo upon arrival with our compliments




Rate Does Not Includes:


  • Travel Insurance .
  • Tips
  • International air fare from / to your home country .





More Choices :





Many visitors come to Egypt to fulfill their dream of sailing the Nile on board a private boat.
These Four Dahabbiya allow you to experience the Nile 's romance in an intimate, privileged setting. These dahabiyas take you back in time to a gentler, more gracious era.


On the Nile in Royal Style Feluccas or Dahabiyas are the traditional sailing vessel of much of the Mediterranean world, and the traditional Nile felucca, or Dahabia, was the mainstay of travel in ancient Egypt.

With shallow drafts, sails, and oars, feluccas could navigate not only the great river, but the maze of canals threading through its banks, with or without wind, reaching every part of the kingdom.

Dahabbiyas / Feluccas long ago transcended their role as humble transports. They held the ancient empire together, carrying troops, decrees, and the very mystery of the pharaoh.

Along the way, we moor on un-inhabited Nile islands, whose virgin landscapes have hardly changed throughout millennia. Wandering the gardens and Nile islands is an idyllic pastime, and the perfect compliment to your visits to Egypt 's matchless monuments.

The Dahabbiyas are beautifully crafted wooden ships, outfitted in colonial style with oriental and Egyptian touches. The interiors boast period furnishing, and each cabin has its own distinct style and interior .

A skilled river captain is on board at all times . A guide is at your disposal to plan your itinerary and escort you through the sites you choose to visit. The crew has completely separate quarters, to ensure your privacy.






Trip Reviews: What other guests say about our services :
Adrian and Melina

Adrian and  Melina in Athens




-------- Original Message --------
From: "Adrian"
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2:04 PM

Subject: We're Back!

We just wanted to let you know we made it back home after our weeklong detour through Italy. Athens was fantastic. The tours were very good, and short of heading out to the islands, I can't think of a single thing we would have rather done while there.

Although we had an excellent time in Athens, Egypt was by far the highlight of our entire trip, including Italy. We just can't say enough
about Ahmed, Isis, Ashraf, and all our drivers. We simply could not have done the trip without their help. Ahmed was very professional, courteous, and helpful, and always went out of his way to make sure we were where we needed to be at the right time. Our Egyptologist guides, Isis and Ashraf, were both very knowledgeable and made our visit so much better with their endless supply of information. We wore out both days long before they did. We will definitely try to come back to Egypt when we have more time to spend.

Thank you so much for arranging the trip, allowing us to customize what we needed to, and putting us in touch with such good people. And please find attached pictures of us enjoying a camel ride. :-)

Adrian & Melina

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