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Royal Dahabiya Yachts on the Nile

Special Category

The Nile Aboard King Farouk Steamship : The S/S Misr

Egypt's Last Royal Family
Photo Album: King Farouk, Queen Farida and Princess Feryal


Egypt's Last Royal Family , King Farouk and Queen Farida

M/S Misr
Built for King Farouk toward the end of the nineteenth century
it is no re-creation of the grand era but the real thing


Sample Deck Plan of  the four  Dahabias

His Majesty King Farouk 's Steamship : Misr ( Egypt) offers 16 state room and 8 suites

Compare with other Royal Dahabiyas
the Dongola Photo Gallery and
the Zarafa ( Giraffe)
built for Sultan Hussein Kamel , King Fouad's Father


Now you can live the luxury, amenities and style of days gone by aboard the steamship Misr .
Built for the Royal Navy towards the early years of the twentieth century : 1918 , implementing for the first time Stevenson Link reversing system for a vertical steam engine.

The steamer was
purchased and later converted into a luxury Nile steamer for King Farouk. it is no re-creation of this grand era, but the real thing , lovingly restored, among the last of its kind to cruise the great river. You’ll cruise as princes, kings, ambassadors and royal retainers once did, to ancient temples and villages bypassed by time.

One of the invitations cards that was found on board did read "on the occasion of celebrating the birthday of his majesty King Farouk I , The governor of Cairo requests the honor of your company on board the Misr Nile Steamer at 08 P.M. on February the 10th, 1939" .

The name of that Nile Steamer ship "Misr" is the Arabic for Egypt and the interior decor reflects the style of the period with each cabin having its own individual style. Each Sailing is limited to 45 guests maximum .
The steamer is about 63 meters long and offer 24 cabins including 8 suites all are fully air-conditioned , all are with private facilities.
Each stateroom has large panoramic window. The steamer offers eight suites , the suites are very much in demand , and it is first come , first serve, we regret that we do not offer any wait listing for the suites. Average square meter space for the cabin is about 18 - 20 square meter , suites are about 30 square meter.

For nature lovers we include a tour of the Botanical Garden Island in Aswan ( while others will simply have you sail around the island without setting foot on it !), then we go on to Gharb Sehail and tour some of the mini nature protected Islands in the middle of the Nile with sandy beaches and beautiful rare plants .

The Nile Aboard the Steamship Misr
Eight Days/ Seven Nights on board PLUS one night Hotel Stay in Cairo


The steamer Misr is faithful to its origins, with authentic fixtures and period furniture, rich woodwork, leather upholstery, brass bedsteads, paneled passageways, and wooden decks. Yet modern conveniences are integrated in the most sensitive fashion, including luxurious plumbing , and air conditioning. Sixty crew member are on board and anticipate every need and caters to every request.

Watch Egypt pass by from the comfort of the upper deck, retire to the lounge to read quietly, or enjoy conversation or a card game with new friends, and dine on the finest Egyptian and French cuisine.

And travel with the assurance that the steamer Misr embodies responsible tourism. Cooling water is recycled to steam boilers, and waste is treated. Local craftsmen and contractors restore, maintain, and re-create the heritage environment.

Travel in Style to Egypt, unforgettably and responsibly, aboard the steamship Misr .


King Farouk's Royal Nile Cruise: Luxor to Luxor:
Eight Days Nile Cruise - Seven Nights : PLUS one night Hotel Stay in Cairo :


crusing the Nile, Royal Cleopatra Sailing boat, honeymooin cruise
Extend your stay in Aswan before or after your Royal Cruise


Day 1 – Cairo / Luxor/ Esna – Monday - (Dinner )
Please advise us of your hotel name in Cairo , or arrival flight details into Cairo Airport.
Our local rep. will assist with your private transfer to the airport to board your flight to board the cruise .
Flight is in First Class or Business Class , tax included. In Luxor our local rep, will meet and escort you from the airport to the cruise.
The crew of King Farouk steamer Misr will welcome you aboard and settle you into your luxurious cabin or suite. After dinner , we will sail for Esna.


Day 2 – Edfu, Kom Ombo – Tuesday (BLD)
Sail to Edfu where we horse-drawn carriages await to convey us to Edfu temple, one of the best-preserved in the land, dedicated to the gods Horus and Hathor, begun in the fourth century BC. We resume our cruise, to arrive in Kom Ombo at sunset, the perfect time to admire its double temple, dedicated to both Sobek the crocodile god and Horus the falcon. You may wish to dress tonight for dinner in late 50th style


The bar and  lounge on board King Farouk Steamer Misr




Day 3 –Kom Ombo, Aswan – Wednesday (BLD)
We sail northward from Kom Ombo in the morning to reach Aswan, gateway to Nubia, the southern region of Egypt that stretches on to Sudan.




Day 4 - Aswan - Thursday ( BLD)
Our visit today includes the island temple of Philae, dedicated to the goddess Isis, mother and wife of Osiris, and embodiment of fertility and motherhood. Its reliefs and frescoes make it one of the most attractive temples in Egypt. We’ll have time to stroll through Aswan to discover the climate, crafts and cultures that have long attracted wintering royalty before enjoying our dinner together on board.



The  dinning room  on board King Farouk Steamer Misr




Day 5 - Aswan / Abu Simbel / Aswan / Edfu - Friday ( BLD)
Very early breakfast. Off to the airport , where we board your flight to Abu Simbel , where your private guide and air-conditioned vehicle await you . In Abu Simbel we tour : Ramses the Great larger temple, colossal figures of Ramses are seated with the gods and attended by his queen and daughters. The smaller temple is dedicated to Queen Nefertari, who appears as Hathor, the goddess of love, joy and fertility, symbolized by the benevolent cow. We explore these fine temple , admiring their ancient aura and artistry, after which retire we fly back to Aswan . Back on board , we cruise to Edfu



Day 6 - Luxor - Saturday ( BLD)
A grand day of sailing along the Nile with scenes that changed little since biblical times. Reach Luxor in time for dinner on board .



Day 7 – Luxor – Sunday (BLD)
We’ll cross the Nile this morning to visit the sites of the Valley of the Kings, where the rulers of ancient Egypt and their wives were laid to rest for eternity in fabulous tombs that befit living deities. Our tour included King Tut's tomb . At Medinet-Habu, we visit the temple of Ramses III, almost entirely intact, exemplifying the temple tombs of the Ramses dynasty. We tour as well Queen Hatshepsut " El Deir El Bahari Temple.



The Cabins  on board King Farouk Steamer Misr
Cabins are always : Upper decks


Day 8 – Luxor, Cairo – Monday (BL)
After breakfast , you’ll commence your explorations with visits to the temples of ancient Thebes: the Temple of Amon at Karnak—the largest religious complex anywhere—and the Temple of Luxor with its seemingly endless colonnades, built during the reign of Amenophis III, and enlarged by Ramses II . After lunch on board your Royal Dahabiya : on to the Airport and your flight back to Cairo in Business Class , tax included . Transfers are always on a private basis with a private air-conditioned vehicle and private chauffeur. In Cairo , our local rep. will be waiting for you and assist with your transfer to the J. W. Marriott - Club Level Room, or the Grand Hyatt : Grand Suite.



Day 9 – Cairo – Tuesday (B)
After breakfast . Check-out , our local rep. will assist with your transfer to the airport, always on a private basis.


The  main staircase  on board King Farouk Steamer Misr
King Farouk Personal Yacht Dahabiya on the Nile



Rate per person in double in US Dollars: $ 3450.00 , or upgrade to a suite : $ 4190.00 Per person in double

Rate per person in single in US Dollars: $ 5150.00 , or upgrade to a suite : $ 6450.00 Per person in single

For Dec 20 - Jan 2 , Easter Season : Please add : 15 % supplement


Sample  cabin   on board King Farouk Steamer Misr

Spend your next anniversary like a king and queen on board King Farouk Steam Ship : Misr




Price includes:


  • Transportation aboard the Nile steamer Misr
  • Tips are INCLUDED !
  • Nile Cruise Dahabiya accommodation with all shore excursions and meals
  • Taxes and service charges
  • Services of English-speaking guide and on-board personnel
  • Entry fees to sites on itinerary
  • All meals (BLD) while on board
  • Transfers between the Sudan and sites visited on the itinerary
  • As well as airport transfers in Aswan and Luxor
  • One night hotel accommodation in Cairo after the cruise at the : the J. W. Marriott - Club Level Room, or the Grand Hyatt : Grand Suite, or the Four Seasons : Standard room . Please advise your preference.
  • Domestic air fare between Cairo and the cruise , round trip in business class , with tax included .



Not included:


  • Air fare from your home to Egypt, or within Egypt (We will gladly make these arrangements)

  • Optional beverages or services not specifically mentioned
  • Expenses of a personal nature
  • Trip interruption and cancellation insurance


For Dec 20 - Jan 2 , Easter Season : Please add : 15 % supplement



The lounge   on board King Farouk Steamer Misr

A true Royal Experience on board King Farouk Steam Ship : Misr




While on board King Farouk steamer Misr , you will have 60 highly experienced crew members working on making your stay on board a very enjoyable one.

Some more details on King Farouk steamer Misr
- Length 63 meters – Width 13 meters – Height 10.75 meters
- Water purification comprehensive system.
- Electric current 220 volts.
- Fire detection and alarm system.
- Sprinkler system.
- 3 Generators.
- Sailing camera .
- Satellite channels (while docking).
- House music
- Safety Deposit Box
- Elegant Restaurant Seating 50 Guests
- Large And Luxurious Lounge
- Gift Shop

Each cabin on board King Farouk steamer Misr offers:
- Private Bathroom
- Hair Dryer
- Color TV
- Internal Phone
- Mini bar in each cabin
- 2 life Jackets.



Sample  cabin   on board King Farouk Steamer Misr

Spend your next honeymoon like a king and queen on board King Farouk Steam Ship : Misr



More Choices:


Sample  suite   on board King Farouk Steamer Misr

Sample of one of the suites on board King Farouk Steam Ship : Misr


Sample Deck Plan of  the four  Dahabias

Compare with King Farouk's Father Personal Dahabiya Yacht
His Majesty King Fouad 's Steamship : The Sudan





Daily Telegraph
Peter Hughes

'Going with the flow'

...'The riad I found was not in the city but on the Nile. It's a dahabiya, a traditional, two-masted Nile sailing cruiser. Anywhere else it would be called a yacht. King Farouk had several. So if a riad is a small princely palace on land - now given over to holiday making - a dahabiya is a riad on the river...'

...'Mahogany panelled and with two faux-glass oil lamps swinging from the beams - a perfect touch for a sailing ship - the look was of a colonial club. Hercule Poirot could have popped up at any moment. There were button-back leather sofa and chairs, an antique bookcase and Scrabble, and tables where we ate when the weather was too chilly for the deck. The food was outstandingly good...'

...' While the big ships charged by as if permanently late, the El Bey moved at the same courtly pace as the Nile - slow enough to enable us to smell woodsmoke from the villages and watch the kingfishers hover. Under our isosceles sails we were as much a curiosity as the boys laying fishing nets and the women doing laundry, the donkey carts and buffalo. But it was the sight of some 40 huge cruise boats, moored in ranks, cheek by gunwale up to 10 deep, at the pretty little temple of Kom Ombo that made the greatest sense of dahabiya travel. The dahabiyas don't take you to sites different from the norm, but they do take you in irresistibly different style...'

...'The greatest compliment to the El Bey was that, for all the wonders of ancient Egypt, shown to us by our own guide, the part of the week my fellow passengers enjoyed most was the time on the river..."



Royal feluccas and Dahabbiyas bore a larger-than-life image of the pharaoh, seated on a throne, to be seen and venerated by inhabitants even along the most remote canal. In turn, imbued with the same "ka," or spirit, as the living pharaoh himself, it would keep watch over his subjects and their activities.


So integral was the Nile Dahabbiya and felucca to the ancient Egyptian way of life that it assumed legendary attributes. Even today, you can see the oldest known Nile felucca, the regal pharaonic Dahabia of Cheops, the ruler immortalized by the Great Pyramid at Giza. Known as the Solar Boat, it was believed to sail through the skies carrying its royal passenger along sunbeams in his single cabin, the royal suite of its day.


Cheops Solar Boat Museum in Gize


The regal pharaonic Dahabia of Cheops Museum in Giza is a must see.

In later times, pashas, emirs, and sultans found that feluccas were indispensable. When Napoleon invaded Egypt, the Mamluks rulers observed the Battle of the Pyramids from their dahabeahs, and in the wake of defeat, set them afire, still laden with treasures, in the middle of the river. Always one to adapt to local practice, Napoleon even had his own dahabeah, the Italy, which was used by his officers to explore Upper Egypt.


In the nineteenth century, the well-equipped Nile Dahabbiya and felucca was essential to the upper-crust adventurer. Lord Kitcheners used several feluccas for his famous trip from Cairo to Khartoum.


It took from two to three months to ascend the Nile under wind power, and another month-and-a-half to float back downstream, stopping at the great temples along the way. King Farouk, Churchill, Montgomery, Mark Twain and others settled in for the journey, and a certain Lady Edwards even had a piano installed on her sailing vessel.


Eventually, steamers displaced dahabeahs, opening up an Egyptian adventure to greater numbers on Thomas Cook's tours, and trains nearly finished them off. But never completely. Even today, despite the inroads of rail, steam power, and highways, the graceful Nile felucca retains its place.


A skilled river captain is on board at all times . A guide is at your disposal to plan your itinerary and escort you through the sites you choose to visit. The crew has completely separate quarters, to ensure your privacy.



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