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Egypt Western Desert Oases
Activities and Tours


Adrere Amellal Ecolofge in Siwa Oases
Siwa Adrere Ecolodge ... have a drink by the sea !! Sea of sand that is !!


This program gives you an idea of the daily flow of activities in Adrere Amellal:

Breakfast is served on a shaded terrace overlooking the lake. If you do not know where to head for breakfast, just listen for the sound of the cutlery and plates and they will lead you to the right place.

Around 10:00 am: Head towards the car park for a trip around the town of Siwa in 4x4 vehicles with a guide: you will visit Shali fortress, the tombs of Jabal el Mawta, Oracle Temple, Jabal Dakrour & Cleopatra’s bath.

Around 2:00 pm: Lunch will be served under the palm trees by the pool. It is a vegetarian meal, which is tradition.

Around 4:00 pm (in winter) and 5:00 pm (in summer): 4x4 vehicles will take you into the Great Sand Sea, this depends of course on the mood of the desert and the duration of your stay. You will visit Lake Shiata, Bir Wahed and the Petrified Forest. Just as the sun is going down you will be served mint tea.

Remember to take a jacket with you, because the temperature drops rapidly in the desert once the sun goes down.

Around 8:00 pm: Return to Adrere Amellal and have a well deserved cocktail in one of the bars of the lodge.

Dinner will be served – in a different dinner room every night – at whatever time suites you. All you need to do is just let the staff know when you would like to have your meal.

Dinner in the desert is also an option, but at an extra charge of $50 per person. It depends on the mood of the desert of course and the number of people, as well as other factors.
Additional options are swimming in the Lake by the lodge, visiting our library, climbing up the White Mountain, having a mud bath, having a massage with Siwan olive oil by a Siwi or even a masseuse from Cairo or abroad (not included in the price).

There is also the option of riding horses in the desert at an additional cost of EURO 40 per hour per person. Please note that the horses are not in Siwa from mid-May till mid- October.

If you do ever get lost or don’t know where to go, ask any of our personnel who are dressed in white; they would be more than happy to assist you.

Summary of activities NOT included in the room price:

1. Dinner in the desert: $50 per person
2. Horse riding: $50 per person per hour

When you book with us , please clarify what you would like to do from the above
mentioned activities in order for us to arrange it for you.


The Adrere Amellal lodge ( 40 rooms and suites) , this is a boutique oases of luxury in the Egyptian desert that was built with Siwan labour and care so that it would fit entirely into the architectural styles of the oasis. Siwa and the Adrere border the largest ocean of sands in the world . Built out of indigenous material using traditional Siwan building techniques and styles so as to have a minimal impact on the land . The Adrere Amellal Ecolodge sets an example for being environmentally friendly hospitality establishment . Situated at the base of a majestic white mountain and overlooking palm groves and Siwa lake,
Adrere Amellal consists of a series of traditional Siwan houses that have been restored and re-designed into guests suites and rooms, all of which offer genuine desert-style comfort. Furnishing is simple, but of the highest quality, drawing exclusively on local material and design to reflect Siwa's rugged spirit. The Siwan homes are built using a a mixture of sun dried salt rock mixed with straw for wall building. Furniture and fixtures are made of palm trunks and ceilings are beamed with palm logs , the carpentry and accessories display the rich and colorful variety of Siwa's indigenous handicraft. Oil lamps and candles are used for lighting. On cold winter nights, coal-filled braziers are used for heating.

( A brazier is a container for fire, generally taking the form of an upright standing or hanging metal bowl or box. Used for holding burning coal as well as fires .Braziers are mentioned in the Bible. The Hebrew word rendered “brazier” (´ach) is of Egyptian origin, suggesting that the brazier itself was an innovation from Egypt. ) . Please do not expect that you 'll be able to access e.mail tonight !



The King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid was not meant to be visited:
Getting to it is challenging, and once you enter, it is very difficult to turn back. The stone passage is only wide enough for one person. You must be in good physical condition, able to climb several flights of stairs, bend double, crouch and duck-walk for short distances. The King's Chamber itself is the world's most claustrophobic place, with dim light and heavy, hot, oxygen-poor air. There is no ventilation. If you are at all sensitive to claustrophobia or confinement, or if you have any sort of respiratory condition, for your own safety and the safety of others, you must not enter the pyramid because it is impossible to remove a person or to bring aid to them quickly .



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reviews: 5“ Travel In Style tours (San Francisco) is fantastic ”
May 27, 2010, 4:56 PM
We just completed a month long deluxe trip to Morocco, Egypt and Jordan and used Travel In Style, San Francisco, for all three countries. Their services were extra-ordinary. They work closely with you to tailor the trip to your specifications and are very flexible. In each country we were met promptly at the airport -- in Egypt and Jordan even inside customs! -- by a tour representative and taken to our car for transport to our hotels. Guides and drivers were personable and knowledgeable. When a small glitch arose in Cairo and I e-mailed the local rep and Omar at Travel In Style in San Francisco, the local Cairo rep called me twenty minutes later! Omar had received the e-mail and immediately telephoned the local agency to make sure everything was handled promptly and to our complete satisfaction. We are experienced travelers, but I am still amazed at the level of service we received. Highest recommendations.



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