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Terms , Conditions
General Info

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Tour and Nile Cruise visits and site
sequence are always subject to change
according to weather and boat traffic on the Nile


Cruising the Nile in Luxury


Please click here for page 1 , or page 2 of our terms and conditions



  • All rates are per-person in US dollars and are subject to change.

  • Prices are subject to change at any time. WITHOUT NOTICE .

  • Any and all tours to Egypt commencing December 20 through January 3, inclusive, or during Easter Holidays ( Two weeks) are subject to a holiday surcharge , as noted in each tour description. Please add this surcharge to the rates listed if you plan to travel during these holiday periods.


Any complaints :
Or claims about arrangements or services made/delivered overseas must be made on the spot as soon as the complaint or claim arises, and with the personnel involved in the incident or situation. If the complaint or claim is not resolved to the client's satisfaction, the client must document the complaint or claim in writing with the local representative of Travel in Style, Inc. / Nubian Nile Cruises, Inc., as well as with the main office of Travel in Style, Inc., Nubian Nile Cruises,Inc. in the USA no later than 60 days following the scheduled completion date of the tour. The client agrees and accepts this condition, and waives the right to register any complaint or claim more than 60 days following the scheduled completion date of the tour.




Travel in acts only as agent for suppliers such as air carriers cruise lines tour operators and hotels identified on documents supplied to you in connection with your purchase of the tours described herein or other travel services.

Travel in Style, Inc. shall not be held responsible for any loss that may result from any bankruptcy of airline / cruise line / tour operator and / or or cancellation of flights, cruises, tours , accommodations, transportation, or other services.

Travel in Style, Inc. shall not be held responsible for any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions by any supplier or other party not directly owned or controlled by Travel in Style, Inc., or by the failure of any equipment operated by any such supplier or other party.

Travel in Style, Inc. shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage to person, property, or otherwise, in connection with any accommodations, transportation, or other services, resulting directly or indirectly from any acts of God, dangers incident to the sea, fire, breakdown of machinery or equipment, acts of government or other authorities, wars whether or not declared, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, defaults, delays or cancellations of or changes to itineraries or schedules, or from any causes resulting from insufficient or improperly issued passports, visas, or other documents. Neither Travel in Style, Inc. nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries shall be or become liable or responsible for any additional expenses of liability sustained or incurred by the tour member as a result of any of the aforementioned causes. Travel in Style, Inc.'s responsibility to passengers carried in vehicles and aircraft for transfers and excursions and tours is governed by the laws of the respective countries in which the tours take place and no other country. All claims are subject only to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country in which the cause of action arises .Travel in Style makes every effort to ensure safe accommodations at every price level offered, but cannot be responsible for a guest's personal behavior or that of other guests, staff, or their pets. Guests will be expected to exercise reasonable precautions.

The right is reserved to substitute hotels and cruise ships and to alter itineraries. The right is also reserved to cancel the tour prior to departure. If any tour is canceled prior to the passenger's joining the tour, Travel in Style, Inc. is liable for a refund of monies received by Travel in Style, Inc. Travel in Style, Inc. is not responsible nor liable for defaults of those not directly under the control of Travel in Style, Inc.


Change in Services under Tour Contract
In case of natural disaster, Airline , Cruise Line and tour operator canceling a departure or more , labor disputes of transportation company or other facilities or any other causes beyond Travel In Style' s control, Travel In Style reserves the right, with advance notice to clients, to alter part or all of the tour itinerary, tour services, or any other portions of the Organized Tour Contract in order to effect safe, smooth execution of the Organized Tour.
In urgent cases, however, notice to clients may be given after the alteration


Your Own Travel Documents are your responsibility:
The traveler assumes complete and full responsibility for, and hereby releases Nubian Nile Cruises, Inc , Travel in Style, Inc. From any duty of checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination or other entry requirements for each destination, and all safety and security conditions during the length of the proposed travel.


Travel In Style, Nubian Nile Cruises, Inc, shall assumes no liability for loss or damages to baggage during any part of the trip/tour, clients may choose to insure their baggage at additional cost.

Travel In Style, Nubian Nile Cruises, Inc, shall not be liable for damages incurred by the client's own neglect or owing to the reasons listed or similar :
1. Natural disaster, war, disturbances uprisings, and alteration or cancellation of the tour itinerary due it such causes.
2. Accidents or fire related to transportation, accommodation facilities, etc., and alteration or cancellation of the tour itinerary due to such causes. Clients may wish to purchase travel insurance.
3. Orders of either US, Japanese or other countries government officials, immigration regulations,quarantine, as the result of infections disease, and alteration or cancellation of the tour itinerary due to such causes.
4. Accidents occurring during participant's free time/ leisure time activities.
5. Food poisoning. 6. Theft
7. Delays, stoppages, alterations of schedule and route in relation to transportation facilities, and alterations of the tour itinerary and shortening of staying time at destinations due to such causes.
8. Any causes which are beyond the control of Travel In Style and/or the agents in charge of tour arrangements.

Not Included in your Tour cost:
Each tour page does list items that are not included, please check each tour's page for such details:
Charges and expenses other than those specified in such as:

(1) Laundry, telephone or cable, additional meals and drink, and any other expenses of a personal nature.
(2) International and domestic air fares. ( Check each page /tour as some do include such fares)
(3) Airport departure taxes.
(4) Excess baggage. Heavy baggage. Additional charges for extra large size luggage, charges for delivery,or additional storage on train & coach . Large size luggage is not recommended fro African Safaris & Japan
(5) Travel Insurance. Trip Interruption insurance. ( Flyer available upon request)


For information regarding possible dangers at international destinations, contact

  • US Department of State Travel Advisory Section, Washington, DC
  • For medical information, call US Public Health Service .
  • By embarking on his/her travel, the traveler voluntarily assumes all risks involved in such travel, whether expected or unexpected. The traveler is hereby warned of the aforementioned risks as well as possible travel industry bankruptcies and medical and climatic disruptions, and is advised to consider obtaining appropriate insurance coverage against them, which is available at extra cost through any travel agency.

    Prices are subject to change.

    The traveler assumes complete and full responsibility for, and hereby releases Travel in , from, any and all safety and security conditions during the length of the proposed travel, including but not limited to dangers from diarrhea, food poisoning, and any other food-borne illnesses, and that the traveler assumes the duty of taking steps to avoid or counteract these and other illnesses which are among the inherent risks in foreign travel.

    For information regarding possible dangers at international destinations, contact the Travel Advisory Section of the US Department of State in Washington, DC . For medical information on travel-related illness, shots , vaccination please contact your doctor, local public health officials, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ,, and/or the US Public Health Service in advance of your travel.

    The receipt of your deposit and/or final payment will indicate that you and your travel agent (when applicable) have read these Terms and Conditions, and that you (and your agent) have agreed to them.

    The Royal Cleopatra is a traditional wind-driven sailing craft, and is subject to the uncertainties of wind, weather and riverine traffic conditions on the Nile. We will do our best to follow published itineraries, but they must be considered tentative in all cases. We reserve the right to modify or cancel any sailing itinerary as conditions warrant. In case of insufficient wind, weather danger or difficult riverine traffic conditions on the Nile or through the Nile locks, or other cause of cancellation, we reserve the right to accommodate Royal Cleopatra passengers aboard a deluxe Nile cruise vessel, and / or to transport passengers between some sites by motor vehicle along the Nile, to be able to keep up with the itinerary , at our option.

    Tour and Nile Cruise visit and site order , sequence are always subject to change , even on a last minute basis


    Please click here for page 1 , or page 2 of our terms and conditions


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