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Honeymoons & Romantic Getaways
Mediterranean Wedding


Honeymoon in Morocco


"like a dream."

"An adventure!"

...that's your honeymoon.

But how?



Which of these do you prefer?

Honeymoon in : Greece / Greek Isles * The Mediterranean
Egypt /Nile Cruise / Sharm El Sheik Red Sea Resort




Romantic Getaways

Wedding in Greece, Marrakech and On the Nile

For your honeymoon,or anniversary getaways go somewhere really different, exotic, and memorable. Where? Here are some hints: One-of-a-kind sights found nowhere else in the world Months and months of sunny weather. Thousands of miles of coastline and beaches, Ancient cultures and Rich cuisine. World-class museums,  unsurpassed shopping.
Honeymoon couple, Mediterranean couple



Imagine these honeymoon photos:

  • Riding camel-back to the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt
  • Exploring Aphrodisias, the ancient City of Love, in Turkey
  • Spending the morning in the medieval souks (bazaars) of Marrakech, and the afternoon on a verdant Moroccan golf course
  • Cruising from Greek island to island in the legendary Aegean Sea on your own chartered yacht
  • Scuba diving amidst swarms of brilliantly-colored tropical fish in the Red Sea
  • Trekking through the desert to Jordan's lost city of Petra, finally approaching the great Treasury through a narrow defile on horseback, just like Indiana Jones
  • Relaxing on the sundeck of a luxury Nile cruiser, drink in hand, after a day spent exploring the tombs of the pharaohs



We'll even arrange the wedding! Whether you're repeating your vows for the first time, or on an anniversary, we can arrange a special ceremony, Western or Eastern style. (Here's an Egyptian one!)

For your honeymoon, romantic getaway or wedding anniversary, make it different, special, something you'll really remember.

Anniversary on the Nile



Do what you really want to do: Travel in Style!! Which of these do you prefer?

Honeymoon in :




Mediterranean Interlude
Athens, the Greek Isles, and Istanbul 11 Days

Honeymoon in Santorini, Chromata Apartments Santorini


Mediterranean Interlude
Athens, the Greek Isles, and Istanbul 11 Days
The mystery of Istanbul . . . the treasures of Athens . . . the romance of the Greek isles. What's better than a journey with a cherished companion to one of these prized destination? Why, an interlude that includes all three, of course.

This is a trip tailored to make the most of that special company and unique occasion, be it an anniversary, a honeymoon, or a singular chance to be alone and away. We have selected superior and deluxe hotels notable for their charm, atmosphere, and, of course, fine service. You'll be free to linger late in bed with breakfast brought to your room, stroll the romantic old Plaka district of Athens or frequent a seaside café in Santorini, entirely at your leisure. Your schedule is your own, without planned group activities or tours.

From Constantinople to Santorini:
Having it all: Istanbul , Ephesus , Athens , Santorini in 11 Days




Our amazing Greek packages are excellent values, stops and tours in Athens and Mykonos, and a four-day cruise to the Greek Islands and Turkey, including breakfast (all meals aboard ship), hotel, transfers and insurance. Sound great? It is! Click here for the full story!

Marriage Blessing / Renewal of Vows Ceremony Package :
The Master would perform the ceremony to take place sometime during the cruise. The package includes: - Music
2 Bottles of Sparkling Wine & Hors D’oeuvres - Floral Bouquet
- Group and Couple Photographs




Your wedding will be unforgettable!

Whether you're attended by retainers in fine raiment before the majestic Pyramids . . . or exchange vows in the serenity of a private Greek chapel; whether you're cheered by invited guests or by enthusiastic locals; whether you step onto a Nile steamer, to be regaled by chefs and entertainers, and retire to your cabin at your pleasure . . . or escape on a romantic honeymoon cruise to Santorini, Maybe Paris & the French Riviera . . . or ensconce yourselves in the Casbah of mysterious Marrakech.



Dress in a wedding Kimono
and exchange your vows in Japan

Follow in the footsteps of Antony and Cleopatra, desert princes or mythic heroes as you commence a lifetime of passion and commitment. For just the two of you, or for 200 guests, Travel in Style will see to every detail, from bookings to ceremony and even an online registry where friends and relatives may honor your union and ensure its success with the ease of a secure transaction. All this for less than a wedding at home or in Hawaii or in the Caribbean . . . and all the more reason to choose a Wedding in Style.



Honeymoon on Santorini in Greece


Egypt ( 10 Days)

Luxury on the Nile

Travel in Style presents the ultimate Egyptian adventure in this 8-day trip. Fly to Cairo business class, enjoy the most luxurious steamer accommodation available, and even have the option of floating over the legendary Valley of the Kings in a hot air balloon!

From Athens, take a 4-day cruise to the Greek Islands and Turkey. At legendary Santorini, disembark for a 4-night stay in a private villa. If this isn't a dream honeymoon, what is?

The treasures of Athens, the romance of the Greek isles, the mystery of Istanbul ... What could be better than a journey with a cherished companion to any of these prized destination? Why, an interlude that includes all three, of course!



Greece & Egypt (12 days)
Mediterranean Fantasies

This itinerary combines the highlights of Athens with the enchanted isle of Santorini, and includes a luxury Nile cruise; Mar to Oct.)


Traditional Moroccan Wedding Dress



Land of sultans and royal cities, the real Morocco lies in its ancient kasbahs, along the winding lanes of the medinas in Fez and Marrakech, and in the seaside towns of Essaouira & Agadir. You'll see it all, staying in charming riads, palaces and venerable homes brought to life again as historic small hotels with abundant atmosphere.




Experience the romance of old Morocco in its kasbahs standing sentinel against invaders, in the medinas (bazaars) of Fez and Marrakech, and in the palaces and venerable homes that have been brought to life again as riads (mansion-inns), fine small luxury hotels with the best of Arab hospitality.




What others say about our service
Jordan , Turkey and Egypt Tour

-----Original Message-----
From: K.L. Vinci []
Sent: Friday, November 14, 01:38 PM
Subject: Re: Vinci - How was your trip with us - Oct

Greetings Omar!

I actually read your lovely note while in Petra, but was scooting out the door with no time to reply. (Which sums up the whirlwind of our two week holiday) :-) And then I flew home with the headcold that wouldn't end, so it's taken a bit longer to catch up than I expected.

What an incredible trip it was! It all went by in such a blur. Though I think some of that was due to many nights of little sleep :-) I think next time I'm going to remember that trying to see 2 months worth of sites in 2 weeks isn't a wise idea.

We've fallen in love with Istanbul, and the Arena Hotel. The dining staff in the hotel restaurant were one of the fondest memories if that city.

Egypt left us with a feeling of awe. So much history, so much to see, such friendly people we met. Sakkara Travel was above and beyond expectations. All of the service was wonderful, as were all of our reps, drivers and guides. Our Reps in Cairo and Aswan (Ahmed and Wahleed) were beyond fabulous, and we're specially going to miss them and our guide Maha and driver Mohammed as well. The whole crew just seamlessly sailed us thru everything, so we never needed to have a moments worry or problem. I wish my life was that carefree at home!

Jordan was such a change from Egypt, and our driver there, Nahzee (never got the right spelling), really made our stay there perfect. He was a real delight. We had a little confusion with our guide in Petra, since I wasn't aware he was only there for 3 hours and just wasn't ready for lunch at 10:30, but he ended up waiting for us to come back down from the rest of the hike thru Petra anyway, and we found him again in the restaurant eventually. So it all worked out in the end.

So we're back home and sorting thru our 4200+ photos now. That should keep us busy for the next year or two. :-)

Thank you for all your effort to ensure our trip was one we'd always remember.
This was certainly the trip of a lifetime, and to add extra sweetness, all of our friends and family are jealous of the great time we had. We couldn't have done it without you!



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