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Omar ZaherHello! I'm Omar Zaher, President of

Thank you for visiting our web site and considering us for your travel plans.

We are a small, specialized company with long experience, a dedication to personal service, and excellent travel industry affiliations.

We realize that you have many good travel companies from which to choose. We know that we must work harder–and better–to earn your trust and your travel business. We have confidence that we can, and that we will.

Our company name is our motto. Our symbol is the graceful imperial monogram of the Ottoman sultans who ruled the Eastern Mediterranean for centuries. Our aim is to provide you with service worthy of a sultan and sultana at value-for-money prices. We are, after all, the Masters of the Mediterranean®.

It's important to realize that 90% of the money you pay for our tours goes to working people at the destinations we serve. We believe in supporting the local economies of the beautiful places we show you, and we are pleased to be able to help local people to live better lives, whether it be your Nubian guides in Upper Egypt, the crew on a Nile cruise, or the Touareg tribesmen of Morocco. They are our valued associates, just as you are our valued client.

We urge you to learn more about us, our reputation, our experience, and our service. Read what other customers say about us at Also on our testimonial pages.

Over the years we've asked returning Travel in Style travelers "What made your trip exceptional?" The top answer is always "service," and we've taken that to heart.

The guides on Travel in Style tours are the best possible people for the job: experienced, knowledgeable, professional and personable, exceeding all national regulations for qualification.

On our Egypt tours and Nile cruises, our guides are certified Egyptologists licensed by the government. All have university degrees, many of them Ph.D.'s. In Morocco, guides on our camel caravans and desert tours are local experts on the Sahara and Bedouin traditions. In Turkey, our city guides are government-licensed members of the tour guides' guild, and the captains of our yachts have captains' certification as well as long experience in sailing the waters of the Turquoise Coast.

We thank you for your interest, and we look forward to providing you with the highest quality, best value travel experience on your first tour, and on many tours thereafter. You'll see the difference when you Travel in Style with us in the Mediterranean!

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For our friends and colleagues in the travel industry: For potential groups we'll be glad to work with you on detailed presentation, a seminar or a cruise night.

Best of all, let us serve you. Explore the many opportunities for fulfilling travel adventure which are shown on our website, then call us to discuss your dreams, your preferences and your requirements. Ask for Omar — it will be my pleasure to give you my personal attention.

With warm regards,

Omar Zaher

Omar Zaher, President
Travel in Style

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Jordan, Turkey and Egypt Tour

Greetings Omar!
I actually read your lovely note while in Petra, but was scooting out the door with no time to reply. (Which sums up the whirlwind of our two week holiday) :-) And then I flew home with the headcold that wouldn't end, so it's taken a bit longer to catch up than I expected.

What an incredible trip it was! It all went by in such a blur. Though I think some of that was due to many nights of little sleep :-) I think next time I'm going to remember that trying to see 2 months worth of sites in 2 weeks isn't a wise idea.

We've fallen in love with Istanbul, and the Arena Hotel. The dining staff in the hotel restaurant were one of the fondest memories if that city.

Egypt left us with a feeling of awe. So much history, so much to see, such friendly people we met. Sakkara Travel was above and beyond expectations. All of the service was wonderful, as were all of our reps, drivers and guides. Our Reps in Cairo and Aswan (Ahmed and Wahleed) were beyond fabulous, and we're specially going to miss them and our guide Maha and driver Mohammed as well. The whole crew just seamlessly sailed us thru everything, so we never needed to have a moments worry or problem. I wish my life was that carefree at home!

Jordan was such a change from Egypt, and our driver there, Nahzee (never got the right spelling), really made our stay there perfect. He was a real delight. We had a little confusion with our guide in Petra, since I wasn't aware he was only there for 3 hours and just wasn't ready for lunch at 10:30, but he ended up waiting for us to come back down from the rest of the hike thru Petra anyway, and we found him again in the restaurant eventually. So it all worked out in the end.

So we're back home and sorting thru our 4200+ photos now. That should keep us busy for the next year or two. :-)

Thank you for all your effort to ensure our trip was one we'd always remember. This was certainly the trip of a lifetime, and to add extra sweetness, all of our friends and family are jealous of the great time we had. We couldn't have done it without you!


Featured Review

We're safely back and still somewhat in recovery (just tired from long flights; no health problems at all throughout the entire trip) from one of the best trips of our lives.

As for Jordan, you can quote us that this was an exciting and tremendously valuable add-on to our Egypt adventure. Petra itself is worth a special trip, but the beauty of Wadi Rum is not to be missed. The guide (Nadine Tali) assigned by your colleagues in Amman was absolutely fantastic. She was bright, constantly cheerful, extremely informative and just a delight. The interplay between Nadine and Adib, the driver, was also delightful; his English was pretty good, but Nadine would translate their comments for us and always kept us in the conversation. She made it a point during our drives to give us background on politics, history, food, clothing, social customs, etc about Jordan without our having to ask which made the trip particularly informative. [Also, and just for your own private information -- since I don't want to get her in trouble -- Nadine said the "panoramic tour" of Amman wasn't good enough; she insisted on also taking us to the Citadel in Amman, where we gladly paid the JD2 each for admission since it wasn't included in our package -- and we were so glad we did. This is a very important stop and should be made a regular part of any Amman visit. The little archaeological museum there, with some of the oldest sculptured statutes every made by humans, fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, early examples of burial sites, ceramic sarcophagi, etc etc etc, made for a fascinating hour -- plus the great views of Amman, the Roman temple, and so on.] Nadine also made it a point to show us her own neighborhood and some of the upscale homes in Amman which gave us a good, if too brief, feel for the city. We even loved our stop at the Dead Sea, one of nature's own amusement parks. In six days we felt we had really thoroughly explored and enjoyed an important new tourist destination.

Just to wrap it all up, we came home thoroughly delighted with your help with this trip. The agencies you worked with were obviously top-notch, and we know it is no accident when this happens but is instead due to your diligence in selecting them. I only hope that we come across some people looking to plan a trip to the region so we can INSIST that they contact you at the outset.

Many thanks again.

- Arne