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Come with us to the ancient lands of North Africa and the Mediterranean. Whether you want to visit a single city or country, or perhaps two, three or more countries. Maybe you want to combine a top-quality tour with two nights or more in Istanbul, Paris, London, Athens or a Greek Aegean cruise... whatever the case, you want to Travel in Style. With the best customer service in North Africa and the Mediterranean... Guaranteed!
Featured Destinations

Croatia, with its dramatic landscapes and disarmingly friendly people, is a land washed by the warm waters of the Adriatic sea. This is a Honeymooners Dream Vacation.

Book your Mediterranean Honeymoon vacation in Tunisia. Tunisia is Africa with a European accent. Come with us on journeys through this marvelous country – along the beautiful blue Mediterranean seashore and past picturesque castles, on our journeys into the very heart of the Mediterranean!

Mediterranean Multi-Country Tours
Itineraries which visit two, three, four, even five countries are our specialty. We have the necessary personal local contacts to make a complex trip go smoothly. Our Mediterranean Multi-Country Tours offer outstanding adventures.

Our amazing Greek packages are excellent values, stops and tours in Athens and Mykonos, and a four-day cruise to the Greek Islands and Turkey, including breakfast (all meals aboard ship), hotel, transfers and insurance. Sound great? It is! Click here for the full story!

The Kingdom of Jordan beckons! Come with us as we explore historic Amman, meander through the stone canyons of the Siq, and the fascinating Treasury of the Lost City of Petra, the land of Indiana Jones. Click here to see our tours.

Explore this magnificent kingdom, on one of our many tours and Morocco's finest luxury resort on the Atlantic shores and deep into the Sahara. Click here to visit our Morocco section.

Beyond the Veil: Women only tours
Travel to Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey — we've got it all. We'd love to help you to make your plans today!

Mediterranean Cruises and more
Greek Cruises. Yacht excursions in Turkey and cruises on the Nile. Private Mediterranean Day Tours and Shore Excursion Tours of ancient sites in Egypt, Greece and Turkey.

United Arab Emirates & Grand Tours of Arabia
From Lawrence of Arabia territory in Jordan to 1001 Arabian Nights tours in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi Jordan, and even combine with an African Safari... always a la Indiana Jones!

Tours and Honeymoon in The UAE. Dubai: A Dream Come True. A True 1001 Arabian Nights.


A new review from a client currently on tour in Egypt!

Dear Omar,

What can one say about perfection! The trip has been tremendous and all of Egypt has gone like a dream. We have just been able to log on the Internet tonight on the cruise. Cairo was great, a little crazy but great. On to Luxor and the team is fabulous! We are on the boat now and it is wonderful, there is no need to worry you will get your 15 page adulation on whatever site you want. You have been wonderful and we can't wait to book the next trip with you. On to bed now because we have an early morning departure to see the next great thing in Edfu! More later!

Kathy and John

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